Sunday, March 28, 2010

Filipino Newspaper War in Toronto getting Dirty

With the war between the group of PPCO officers of Ace Alvarez, Tenny Soriano, and Mon Datol against Eddie Lee and Frank Luna getting nasty, there have been reports of newspapers being picked up by mystery person or person from stores never to be seen again. This paper-napping is a serious breakdown of events. We call each other names but we leave the newspapers alone. The latest report has it that Mon Datol, publisher of Philippine Courier has had his paper - well - paper-napped. Datol knows it. He has the details. It was relayed to him by another big publisher. We hope that this doesn't end up in a St. Valentine's massacre. The St. Valentine's massacre was planned by Al Capone in Chicago in the 1920's. The rival gang was rounded by men wearing police uniform, brought to a garage, made to face the wall and machine-gunned to death. This is getting nasty. it won't be long before we see delivery trucks with men standing on the sideboard with machine guns.

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