Sunday, April 25, 2010

Naku ha! - MAY 2010


The Earth Hour last March 27 where people all over the world will turn off their light, and other electric appliances to save the environment, reduce the carbon emission, or for whatever reasons is a step to misguided intention. One hour is nothing. In Mindanao, people have having their electricity shut off for days at a time for months now. The same is happening in other parts of the Philippines because of lack of supply of energy. And yet, we have this earth Hour which was promoted by people in the rich countries to make themselves feel good that they are doing the right thing while driving their monstrous SUV’s, lighting their monster-sized homes, filling it with all kinds of energy-guzzling electronic gadgets that not anyone in a poor country can afford. People in poor countries can barely afford food and barely have the electricity to buy appliances to cook their food. So, let us not kid ourselves that we are helping the earth by turning off our electricity for one hour. There are more poor people on earth than rich ones. And the majority of poor people on earth do not have any electricity to turn off. That is why to them, it is a necessity. To us here in Canada, it is a luxury which we already take for granted. If it was up to me, I will promote earth hour from 1am to 4am. It is more impressive and easier to achieve, hindi ba? Tulog karamihan ng tao except those in the evening shift ang trabaho.


Even if he is elected, Noynoy Aquino wants to live in his house in Quezon City. Para daw to keep him down to earth. He might get his wish. Iyon nga lang, baka 6 feet below the earth pa nga. It is a headache for the security. He himself said, that it will be a headache for his neighbours. When the White House was being renovated during President Harry Truman’s term, he lived across the street at the Blair House. Two Puerto Rican assassins nearly succeeded. As for Noynoy, his own mother wanted that too until logistics made it a headache. Imagine the security nightmare and traffic he is going to create with his daily commmute back and forth. Not to mention the expenses just to secure the route, and diversionary route, if ever.


Only in the Philippines do we have parallel count. There is already Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), the Commission on Elections’ (Comelec) accredited citizens’ arm. Now, Namfrel will also do the same by getting the duplicate copies from one national party of the count given to them by Comelec. What good is that If they can only count the results for one party. How are we sure that the PPCRV and the Namfrel are going to give out the right count? What if they pad the candidate that they want to win? They can make it look like that Comelec is doing some hanky-panky. However, another group of businessmen has one proposal that Comelec accepted. This group is going to install screens at all voting precints to show the results as they are coming in. That is a welcome idea which the Comelec is open to.


When you buy a new car nowadays, the dealer usually say that if you add one thing, it cost this much and if you add another, this is the cost etc, etc... Now, cars come with GPS. If I was the dealer, I will offer a service of removal of the GPS from the car. This applies to car-buyers who have monkey business on the side. To car-buyers who have monkey business on the side, you do not want a GPS. If your car has GPS, it will show where you have been, how long you have been on that area. If you cannot explain it to your partner, patay kang bata ka. Buy the stand-alone GPS na hindi naka-integrate sa sasakyan ninyo. The lack of GPS will be your your secret to a lasting relationship. And make sure you keep that detachable GPS with you at all times. To be safe, buy two of the same thing. Keep the one you use for your “secret” trips with you all the time. If you are with your spouse, use the other one.


Finally smarting from a fiasco of not registering the name Magnolia in North America, San Miguel finally created a San Miguel ice cream. I saw one at No Frills at Silverstar in Scarborough. However, they did not manufacture it. It said at the bottom “manufactured for Magnolia ice cream.” They used Magnolia as the company name but used San Miguel as the name of the ice cream. They cannot call it Magnolia ice cream because another company registered it here in North America. It is also being sold at FV Foods.

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