Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Philippine Incompetence bared at Hostage Crisis

Not only did the Philippines get into the headlines by bungling a hostage crisis involving one gunman with 8 hostages dead out of 15, President Aquino was nowhere to be found for the duration of the crisis. He did not even appear to say "we are doing everything we can, the police are keeping me up to date non-stop, etc...etc...! The governor of Hongkong couldn't get hold of him. Is this the President with the biggest communications department? I guess it is too big to work. This is a President that does not want to stay at Malacanang, not because he wants to be seen humble, but because he only wants to work from 9 to 5. Will somebody tell him that even the CEO's of major multi-billion multinationals do not work 9 to 5 anymore? He is running a third world with high poverty rate, famous for corruption and lowly-regarded by the world. Nobody wants to invest because of red tape and bribery. Nobody wants to come because of the lack of law and order, as was just demonstrated. Didn't the police ask how to open the door of the bus before storming it? We all know that those buses have a button outside that drivers push to close when they step out. I am sure it is the same button to open it.

And please, tourism is not an issue you talk about at a time like this.

Then, when he made a statement, he seemed to be smiling. Is the fake psycho report on him becoming true? Is he a sociopath, somebody unable to feel the suffering of others?

He then said that this things happen in Russia and they have better equipment and said "the casualties are more severe."
A blogger looked it up and compared the incidents.

what happened in Russia, in Beslan, and in Dubrovka Theater Moscow.

Beslan, from wiki
hostage = 1200 hostages terrorists = 32 total death of hostages =334 (if include special force and “others” 354) , total injured hostages = 783 (including special force) death - 30% of total hostages

Dubrovka Theater Moscow, from wiki
hostage = 850-900 hostages terrorists = 33(+) total death of hostages =129-204, total injured hostages = 783 (including special force) death - 25% total hostages

death = 8/15 = 54%
hostage taker 1

“the casualties were more severe?” Are you serious Mr. the Third? you mean 25%-30% is more severe than 50+%?

By the way, unlike the Philippines, Russia did not worry about tourism after the incidents.

For some reason, this is the only one-man hostage-taker who is allowed to stand at the step of the bus and wave to the crowd and NOT GET SHOT. He has no accomplice inside who will kill the hostages. Why didn't anybody shoot him there and then? Where are our snipers?

At the end, they threw tear gas and stormed the bus - without gas mask. the first policeman came out and said it hurt his eyes. REALLY! DUH! I wonder why (SARCASM). Next, somebody came in with a cloth mask, like the one worn by dentists. He also came wiping his eyes. DOUBLE DUH!!!

And to think this is just one gunman.
And we can't handle it?

Imagine if the the rebels decide to copy this in bigger numbers like what happened in Russia.

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