Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Cultured Class

When we were in the Philippines (and young) , the only time we will watch the Bayanihan Dance troupe, or any cultural group, is if we are really into native dances and culture. Or when we were students and the professor sent us on a student cultural trip with VERY cheap tickets that were provided by the producer. Or it could be for executives entertaining foreign officers of multinational companies. Or politicians showing our heritage to visiting dignitaries and other heads of states. This showings are usually followed by expensive dinner and drinks in the classiest restaurants of Manila. Except for us students. We went to the mall to hang out or watched movies afterwards.
Alexis Macapagal and Krisilda Pagaduan of Culture Philippines of Ontario perform a traditional dance at the PIDC Mabuhay festival in 2010.

Now that we are here in Toronto (and not so young anymore), we already have our fill of native dances from our equally capable dance groups like the Culture Philippines of Ontario, Folklorico and Fiesta Filipina and others. It must be hard for Rene and Neneng Maalihan to promote the Bayanihan group.

However, that being said, the Bayanihan probably has some dance numbers that have not been presented yet.

We wish the Maalihan's all the best in their endeavour.

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  1. Tito! My friend's part of the Bayanihan Dance Troup, haha. Her name's Rachel (Rocky) Cudiamat :)