Friday, September 3, 2010

Naku ha!

After the hostage-taking, a story started making the rounds of a Filipino man, Emmanuel Madrigal, his wife and three daughters that went to Tiannamen Square that got attacked by a knife-wielding man. Two daughters survived. People tried to subdue the man and the Chinese government sentenced the man to death. According to the internet story, China suppressed the story and did not apologize to the family or to the Philippine government. We have already apologized enough, it says. That's the essence of the story making the rounds of the internet.

There is a big difference in the two situations.

The crime in China was committed by one person and happened fast with no chance for the police to intervene. In our case, it was a hostage-taking situation for 11 hours with police presence. They had the chance to control the situation, a situation that was not even that desperate.

Just as the United States does not apologize for every crime that happens to every tourist in their country, China need not apologize for crimes they had no chance of intervening and that the Philippines does not for crimes committed by our criminals to tourists.

I repeat, the crime in China was a spontaneous attack. Ours was a hostage-taking situation, that dragged on for 11 - 12 hours which the Philippine police and government did not control at all. Not to mention, a president that nobody can get hold of at the start of the crisis.

You don?t get mugged at Times Square or Detroit or wherever in the world and demand an apology from that country?s government, do you?

Now, is this Madrigal story even real or a hoax? To spread a story like this and claim that China suppressed the story is a very easy way to spread a hoax. To say that it is not on the official records of the Chinese police makes it nearly impossible to verify it. Sure, who will doubt about censorship in China? Please don?t even say it is real because it was already on CNN. Even big news organizations get fooled and only find out later.

As real as Tommy Hilfiger insulting Filipinos on Oprah, a powerful and famous black woman, of all TV shows. I have no idea why people did not see the irony of the Hilfiger story.

Sorry, but I just don?t believe every story that appears on the internet or sent to me by email with claims of authenticity or just because a ?friend? or a fellow Filipino, or somebody with a Filipino-sounding name sent it and vouched for it.

When Aquino was campaigning, he said that his administration will hit the ground running. “Hit the ground running” means that when people or companies take over, everything will be running smoothly and efficiently. Mali pala. They hit the ground running, pero iba-iabang direction ang punta. Tatlo pa ang spokesman ni Aquino. Bawa’t isa gusto sila pa ang bida, pero iba-iba naman ang message. If the media manage to catch them and asks them something that they do not know, they disappear. If the media needs to find them and talk to them or Aquino about a crucial issue like the hostage-taking in the early hours, non of them area available, specially Aquino. Sus ginoo, is this anyway to run a country? I can run it myself - to the ground. just when yuou thought the Philippines cannot get any lower in Asia because it is already at the bottom - politically and economically - Aquino surprises us. He managed to find a bottom to the bottom. Hay naku. Kawawa talaga ang Pilipinas.

It seems that Senator Gloria Arroyo is not in the press lately despite what President Aquino has been accusing her of. This is good strategy. Considering the endless promises after promises and some ridiculous things Noynoy has been saying, it is best to let him be front and centre in the newspapers, TV and radio. With the free for all media we have, the sagutan will only get lost. Let Aquino hug the limelight. Ang problema nga lang, the time he was supposed to be in front of the camera is noong hostage-taking. Nang matapos ang situation disastrously, saka siya sumipot.

PNOY is alright with using nuclear power but he has reservations about turning on the Bataan Nuclear Plant. HUH! Where will he get nuclear power if not from the Bataan nuclear plant? He also said that he is against divorce but he is willing to allow legally separated people to remarry. HUH! Then, let’s not bother with legalizing divorce in the Philippines. Just allow remarriage of separated couples na lang. Tapos ang usapan.

No Philippine entry in Toronto Film Festival
There was no Philippine entry in this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Have we run out of gay movies to send abroad? This is a tragedy of epic epicness. Namatay na kasi iyong Toronto filmfest programmer na si David Overbey, na mahilig sa mga gay movies. It all started when he watched Macho Dancer. Then, when Lino Brocka died, he looked up all of Brocka’s friends and asked them to make movies similar to it. And that is why we kept getting gay movies sa Toronto festival. We were making it for the taste of one programmer who liked gay movies, specially one that features macho men. May tsismis, hindi lang gay movies ang gusto niya kaya madalas siya sa Pilipinas. Gusto din po niya ang ating mga delicacies na mga prutas, na manibalang pa.

Sabi ng Malacanang, mawawala din ang galit once makita nila resulta ng investigation. HUH! Stupidity! Ineptness! A president who does not care and couldn’t be found during the crisis? The drama unfolded right before their eyes with the unceasing coverage by the media. What investigation is needed? A cover-up of what happened is more likely.

If PNOY is thinking of boosting his image by meeting Obama, he might be right. If Obama, who is trailing in the polls, is thinking of meeting with PNOY, he better think hard. His (Obama) ratings might go down further in meeting a Philippine President who seems to have no idea how to handle a simple hostage-taking situation. Obama might be thinking that the Fil-Ams - who usually vote democrats - might give a boost to his ratings. But then again, they might not boost his ratings if they see him with Aquino, who just bungled his first test of fire during the hostage situation. Fil-Ams would have watched the whole sad, sorry spectacle through GMA-7 or ABS networks in the USA.
Filipino Got No Talent Portion
I watched a show one time. I will not tell you what is the name of the show. It involves contestants showing their talents. Or lack of it. It was a talent portion for the un-talented. To be fair, I only watched the first 4 contestants out of nine. After that, I left. So maybe, the last five contestants had talent.
Another reason why no policeman risked their life taking down gunman Mendoza is because they will be subject to an investigation which might get them fired. Ganoon sa atin, hindi ba? Do your job right and get fired. Politicians of every kind will ask why he shot Mendoza when he could have been taken alive? The poor policeman will have to pay his own lawyer. His family will suffer too. And that is for doing your job right. Instead of being hailed as a hero, you will end up with zero. Zero money. Zero friends. What a country we live in. No wonder nearly everyone is trying to get out.

Just when I thought the hostage crisis is something that PNOY cannot blame on GMA anymore, I was wrong. He said that GMA is to blame for the lack of equipment and training of the Philippine National Police. What about “not using common sense?” Is that something money can solve? Sus ginoo talaga. Wala talagang new idea itong si PNOY. Besides, the army commandos were there and they did not use them becasue Mayor Lim wanted the Manila Police to get the publicity. Some publicity they gave the whole country though. More like embarassment.

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