Sunday, October 24, 2010

Affinity or close ako sa kanya

Affinity in terms of sociology, refers to "kinship of spirit", interest and other interpersonal commonalities. Affinity is characterized by high levels of intimacy and sharing, usually in close groups, also known as affinity groups. It differs from affinity in law and canon law which generally refer to the marriage relationship. Social affinity is generally thought of as "marriage" to ideas, ideals and causes shared by a tight community of people.

Usually used by people in the business of network marketing. In the ethnic community like ours, companies may use people who are prominent in the community to advance their causes. 

For example, they may hire somebody who is well known in the community so that person will be able to spread their cause more effectively. When you receive an email from somebody you do not know, you tend to delete it without opening it. But when you receive an email from this person, you open it and you are more receptive to it, dahil ika nga nila, kakilala mo siya. If they want to put their press release in your newspaper or your website or your blog, you tend to agree to do it because of the emotional bond that has already existed. 

I used to receive one email after another from a well-known Filipino company, which we will call B, that has gone international. I just deleted them because they were just too many.  Now, they hired a local Filipino community leader as their "consultant." Now, this local "consultant" is the one bombarding me with email from the company. This company is the arch-rival of another Filipino company, which we will call A. While I do not get advertising from company A, I do not want to give the impression that I am already being paid by B. Press releases are supposed to be free. However, if you put too many press release from one company, it gives that impression that you are already being paid by that company. 

If you do that, it is the equivalent of giving them  advertising - for free. 


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