Friday, January 7, 2011

Decriminalizing Vagrancy

Chiz wants vagrancy decriminalized

January 7, 2011, 6:59pm
MANILA, Philippines – A bill decriminalizing vagrancy has been filed in the Senate.
Sen. Francis Escudero, author of Senate Bill No. 2367, said vagrancy must be striked out from the country’s code of crimes as this provision only targets the poor and the disadvantaged.
The bill hopes to target individuals who committed vagrancy but ended up victims of heinous acts.
“Our society and our law should be restorative and rehabilitative rather than punitive to those who simply were not given fair and equal opportunities in life,” the senator said.
According to Escudero, vagrancy is often used to take advantage of people who cannot really stand up for themselves.
“Take the case of that woman who was arrested by a policeman for vagrancy. She was not even loitering, yet she was arrested. Now she’s crying rape by her captor,” Escudero said referring to the rape case filed against a certain PO3 Antonio Bautista of the Manila Police District (MPD).

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