Friday, February 11, 2011

Naku Ha!

PIDC beauties at PCCF
PCCF, a new organization to rival PIDC, is holding a festival with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce Toronto called Pinoy Fiesta complete with trade show booths. PCCF, which is run by Rosemer Enverga, formerly of PIDC will also have Santacruzan complete with formerly PIDC beauties. Enverga used to run the pageants of PIDC. Is it possible for PIDC beauties to appear at PCCF? Of course. Their terms have ended by then. Even still-current PIDC titlist Naomi Macapagal can appear at Pinoy Fiesta, if she is asked and she says yes. As far as I now, pageant contracts are only one year - unless Rosemer made it in perpetuity on behalf of PIDC when she was still running it. Obviously, their sash will not say Ms PIDC so and so anymore. 
Sports club at $6 a month?
I usually receive flyers for Extreme Fitness advertising cheap monthly rates. One time, I received a flyer announcing $6 a month for two months as long as those two months are prepaid. 
I went to Extreme Fitness and inquired. The rates are not posted on the front desk. They make you sign a few details about you and then they will call someone to “help” you.  
The rep asked me why I went there. I showed her the flyer. Then, she proceeded to ask me what my goals are, how determined I am to achieve them, my weight, what I want to weigh afterwards, my work, how far do I work from their location, my work hours, etc...Then, she offered to show me the gym. I declined. That’s when she got surprised. I said I don’t need to see the machines. She acted surprised that I would not want to see what I was “buying.” I told her I do not need to see 50 treadmills, 50 stationary bikes, etc...! In short, she was trying to prolong talking to me before getting to the price. She showed me a binder with three pages. The first two pages were just photocopies of their ads. The third page was the price and stated that I need to commit to 10 months at $76 per month with the first two months at the promotional price of $6.  I told her I’d think about it. That’s when the hard sell started. “What do you need to think about? You want to lose weight right?” That’s when it occurred to me why she was asking me my goals before getting to the price. They want to be able to use what you told them against you. “Is it the price,” she asked. I said no. If I said yes, then, she will make me a deal which will still not be satisfactory to me. I only wanted two months. There was that option also. But I remembered what somebody told me before. You cannot exercise in peace because they will be pestering you while you exercise to sign long term. I walked out of there. Kung hindi makapal ang mukha mo to walk out, do not even walk in a gym club and inquire. Mapapa-sign ka.
The rate sheet was only one page anyway. Why don’t they just post that on the front desk? 

We are being left behind
There seems to be a certain group of men where having more than one woman is part of the job. In the Philippines, it’s military men. Here in Toronto, it’s men in the newspaper profession. My friend Nena Gumapac relayed this story to me. She knows of some publishers who have had two or more wives - either at the same time or one at a time. I told this story to my friend and he concluded that we are being left behind. I agree with him. I believe me and my friend have a lot of catching up to do.  Women of Toronto, here we come, the guwapos. Ehe, Santa Maria Santisima.

What the internet is good for
Communicatiing with people. I lost my free high speed internet courtesy of one of my neighbours since last December. I did not know what to do. I usually surf facebook. I was at a lost. How will I send messages to people? Finally, I hit on a unique idea. I called them by phone and talked to them. Whew. I am so brilliant.  I am sure I am the only one who thought of this. :D :)      

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