Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Naku Ha!

Too Arrogant, too cocky 
It seems that some senators are getting the impression that their positions are like kings and that when they say that you are guilty, you have no right to defend yourself anymore. Worse are those who have criminal records. They may have put on expensive clothes like you do on a  monkey but they still act like monkeys. 

Role Models?
Sharon Cuneta is mad that her daughter KC would be dragged into a sex video gossip with hayden Kho. She then said that she raised her up as a decent person and names ex-husband Gabby Concepcion as proof that KC was brought up respectable. Wasn’t Gabby charged with bigamy when he returned to the Philippines? Before that,  he was involved in an award scandal when he read a different name than what was written on the card at the order of her then-manager Lolit Solis. Then, he disappeared for the US and married another woman. This counts as a role model that Sharon brags for her daughter KC? 

Role Models II?
Then, we have drug mules Ramon Credo, 42, and Sally Villanueva, 32, and Elizabeth Batain, 38 who were scheduled for execution for China when they were given a reprieve by China.  Prior to the reprieve,
Villanueva’s family were all over the news painting her as the supportive sister sending them money and goods. But she was not sentenced to death because of that, but for being a drug mule. Yet, Philippine media keep telling stories of the hard work that these three do as ofw’s to support their families. What ofw does not? But you don’t see millons of others smuggling drugs to augment their income. You will read stories of their meagre income from abroad. Well, what about a non-existent income if they stayed in the Philippines? How stupid do these supporters of drug mules really think we are? They say they were paid to bring goods with them that they thought were office supplies. REALLY??? OFFICE SUPPLIES??? What! The receiver of the supposed package cannot buy paper clips at the destination? This is the best bullshit they can come up with? 

Sports club at $6 a month?
I usually receive flyers for Extreme Fitness advertising cheap monthly rates. One time, I received a flyer announcing $6 a month for two months as long as those two months are prepaid. 
I went to Extreme Fitness and inquired. The rates are not posted on the front desk. They make you sign a few details about you and then they will call someone to “help” you.  
The rep asked me why I went there. I showed her the flyer. Then, she proceeded to ask me what my goals are, how determined I am to achieve them, my weight, what I want to weigh afterwards, my work, how far do I work from their location, my work hours, etc...Then, she offered to show me the gym. I declined. That’s when she got surprised. I said I don’t need to see the machines. She acted surprised that I would not want to see what I was “buying.” I told her I do not need to see 50 treadmills, 50 stationary bikes, etc...! In short, she was trying to prolong talking to me before getting to the price. She showed me a binder with three pages. The first two pages were just photocopies of their ads. The third page was the price and stated that I need to commit to 10 months at $76 per month with the first two months at the promotional price of $6.  I told her I’d think about it. That’s when the hard sell started. “What do you need to think about? You want to lose weight right?” That’s when it occurred to me why she was asking me my goals before getting to the price. They want to be able to use what you told them against you. “Is it the price,” she asked. I said no. If I said yes, then, she will make me a deal which will still not be satisfactory to me. I only wanted two months. There was that option also. But I remembered what somebody told me before. You cannot exercise in peace because they will be pestering you while you exercise to sign long term. I walked out of there. Kung hindi makapal ang mukha mo to walk out, do not even walk in a gym club and inquire. Mapapa-sign ka.
The rate sheet was only one page anyway. Why don’t they just post that on the front desk? 

We are being left behind
There seems to be a certain group of men where having more than one woman is part of the job. In the Philippines, it’s military men. Here in Toronto, it’s men in the newspaper profession. My friend Nena Gumapac relayed this story to me. She knows of some publishers who have had two or more wives - either at the same time or one at a time. I told this story to my friend and he concluded that we are being left behind. I agree with him. I believe me and my friend have a lot of catching up to do.  Women of Toronto, here we come, the guwapos. Ehe, Santa Maria Santisima.

What the internet is good for
Communicatiing with people. I lost my free high speed internet courtesy of one of my neighbours since last December. I did not know what to do. I usually surf facebook. I was at a lost. How will I send messages to people? Finally, I hit on a unique idea. I called them by phone and talked to them. Whew. I am so brilliant.  I am sure I am the only one who thought of this. :D :)      

Froy Baking on Facebook
Dear Lord, asawa ko po ang ka-date ko ngayon. Sana po ganon din ang mga kaibigan ko para patas kami.

Lovelife of PNOY 
The preoccupation with President Aquino’s  lovelife or lack of it has become a very big issue that even the Wall Street Journal made it a story in the front page last February 17.  He seems to have fashioned himself like the character of Michael Douglas in the movie The American President co-starring Annette Bening.  PNOY has made it a point of complaining about the media’s preoccupation with this lovelife while bemoaning the the lack of attention paid to progress made in running the country. He better be careful what he wish for. If the press pay too much attention to the state of the nation’s affairs instead of his personal affairs, they might find out that the Philippines did not accomplish anything at all since he took office.

Saving Face
China is still one of those countries that has death penalty for drug crimes. They can reprieve it once or twice. But three times? Philippines is pushing it if they think they can ask China to forgive crimes committed by Filipinos for life. I am not sure if China still puts importance in saving face. I know the Philippines does not care anymore. In fact, an Australian diplomat has already called the Philippines a basket case, meaning hopeless. Philippines may not care about saving face anymore but if China still does, they will not do it every time  a Filipino commits crime. China seems to be acting as the big brother to the Philippines by letting it’s transgressions slide. The hostage crisis is not on the front page anymore. Was the deportation of Taiwanese citizens to China a payment for the reprieve of the OFW’s? If so, was it worth it to anger Taiwan, which is home to 80,000 OFW’s? Did China even ask for it? How many times can China reprieve Filipino criminals before their own citizens start targetting innocent OFW’s for getting preferential treatment? How many times can VP Binay go back and forth to China before Chinese officials get tired of seeing his face asking for one reprive after another? And let’s face it, he’s not that good-looking anyway for them to want to see it on a regular basis.  

Model guest?
There is nothing more infuriating, annoying, maddening and just plain rude than an un-invited guest who eats more than the invited ones, usually finishing the more delicious deserts and leaves nothing for others. Ususally, these are the people who tags along with the invited guest, who happens to be their relative or friend.  That is why I hope walang nakakita sa akin sa desert table sa 50th birthday ni Mr. Roland Ornales sa Quiapo, Quiapo. Ehe, susmaryosep, ano ba itong nasabi ko? I assure you, the vertically-full plate you saw me holding were for everyone on my table.

A Touch of Glamour
A featured singer is a necessity in a party. I accompanied Maria Panaligan, a 12-year old singer in the community. They were invited by Sunshine Asuncion of Quiapo Quiapo for Roland Ornales’ 50th birthday. Her mom said that a party in hall is not complete without at least a featured accomplished singer. I am not talking of just any karaoke singers. If all what was needed was a karaoke singer, then, a couple of drinks and anyone will be singing like an out-of-tune canary.    

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