Saturday, March 26, 2011

Naku Ha

RUMOUR: Fil-Am Actress Vanessa Hudgens has more
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by Vincent Villanueva 
More nude Vanessa Hudgens pics! Can you just release a sex tape already! ...please?


China in Spratly Islands?
Apparently, China has been seen in the vicinity of the Spratly islands. Now, the Philippines is asking China what it is doing there. After China postpones the death penalty of 3 OFW’s convicted of drug smuggling, what leverage do we still have to demand that China stay out of Philipine territory? They let our government save face without us asking what do they want in return. Aquino sent Bnay to China to fight for the 3 convicted drug smugglers and then he sent Mar Roxas to Taiwan to fix the deportation mess. As Efren Padilla said in his GMA7 blog, it is like the three stooges just going through the motion. We just want to earn “pogi” points, instead of doing what is good for the long term of ur country. As our bald, overaged, single, wanna-be-playboy,Porsche-driving president believes, “image is everything.” 

Turmoil in the Middle East
Apparently, our ofw’s in the Middle East are asking our government to fly them home or get them out of the hot spot. I am just wondering, do they even want to go home? Everytime there is a problem where our ofw’s work, talk of rescue gets one-sided coverage of the news where all the news blame the government. Well, I am sure our government just goes through the motion, and nothing more. But I also believe that a majority of the ofw’s do want to leave the areas. Paano kung hindi na sila makabalik? Kung ako naman kasi ang ofw, parang ayoko ring umalis. Baka kapag umalis ako, iba na ang kunin ng boss ko. Besides, and mga gulo naman nasa city areas at ang mga trabahador naman natin nasa mga lugar na malayo sa urban areas, hindi ba? Iyon nga lang, may mga nagtatrabaho rin sa mga hotel at bahay na malapit sa gulo. Sa mga yon, stay inside the hotel and houses na lang. If they have to go home, take another route na lang.  

Filipino Nurses in Libya want to Stay
When coalition forces started their military action against Libya, the Libyan government increased their pay. Sino nga naman ang aalis? Ano naman ang babalikan nila sa Pilipinas? Government corruption and red tape para lang makalabas uli. Lagayan para lang makalabas ng Pilipinas. Bakit ako babalik sa Pilipinas kung iyong lang ang nandoon? Wala ring trabaho. And law and order sa Pilipinas magulo rin. Sa Libya, kaya lang nagkagulo dahil sa coalition forces. Sa Pilipinas, magulo kahit walang gulo. Ehe, ano ba itong nasabi ko? Hindi lkang nurses ang gustong mag-stay. kahit ibang ofw nag-stay din. Kaunti lang nga daw ang na-repatriate ng Philippine government dahil lahat daw ng nakausap ng mga government officials, sabi they will stay. So, ano pa magagawa mo? 

Bad Luck, left and right, 
My dad suffered a stroke. He is now in the hospital, unable to move the left side of his body. His mind is still lucid and aware. Or more aware of families, grandchildren, or where things are in the house. His mind seems to have gotten sharper. He remembers a baby shower that we are supposed to attend to. Had he been normal, he probably would not have remembered that.  Strange. Then, a friend, Rudy Castro passed away. Sabay sabay naman. 

How the gov’t gets your money
Just when you thought you are getting your money back from the govenrment, they find a way to get it back to them. When you go to a nursing home, they charge you money. When your pension is at least $1800, you qualify to get in one of the government nursing homes. If you have a pension of at least $2500, you get into a private nursing home. In short, they give it to you with the right hand while their eft hand picks your pocket. Government is good business. We should al start one.
Jumping the line into a nursing home
The problem is that the waitng list for public nursing home is very long. The one for private is shorter. Sabi ng social worker na na-overheard ko, some people line up sa private nursing home and then they claim, they cannot afford it pala, so they say. What the nursing home does is look for a space sa public nursing home. The intention is to get inside ahead of everyone else. Hindi ka nga naman puwedeng i-kick-out. Now, they make you sign a 1-year contract for private home before they let you in. If you want to change it afterwards, then it is ok.

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