Sunday, March 27, 2011

Whose Life should we respect?

When opponents of the death penalty advocate the right to life even for criminals who commit murder, rape without remorse, whose life are they fighting for? What about people who peddle drugs?

I sympathize with this mother of death row inmate in China. However, her daughter was complicit in spreading drugs to addicted people who sometimes end up dead.

So, should we value her life when she did not value others by being a part of a drug smuggling ring?

Do you really believe her that she did not know that there were "commercial" quantities of drugs in the lining of the empty suitcase she was carrying? Who will carry an empty suitcase for someone without becoming suspicious? 

PLEA FOR LIFE Basilisa Ordinario pleads with the Chinese government to spare the life of her daughter Sally Ordinario-Villanueva. China has set Sally’s execution for March 30 after she was convicted for being a drug mule along with two other Filipinos.

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