Saturday, April 30, 2011

Drug Mules are part of the Syndicate, not victims of the syndicate

Marami na naman pong concerts sa Toronto. Mukhang hot na naman po ang market for concerts. The big one is Gary Valenciano and Martin Nievera Part 2. Well, there is actually another one. Iyon po ay ang Martin  Nievera  and Sarah Geronimo concert.  If it happens, it will be a repeat of their very successful Valentine concert that happened sa Pilipinas. Lito Ronquillo announced the Martin-Sarah tandem sa facebook with no place and date yet. Then, the Maalihan’s announced the Gary-Martin with a date and place afterwards. Hmmm… mukhang mainit ang concert talaga. We welcome them all.  Pero, tuloy pa kaya ang Martin-Sarah concert? We hope so. Sarah’s last concert was sold-out.   

Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is in the top 10 worse airports list. According to columnist Ramon Tulfo,  that is not news. If it was included in the best list, then it will be earth-shaking news. I agree with him. We do not know how to take care of our facilities. In fact, the only reason we let it become as bad as it is now is because we believe that the only people who use it are OFW’s on the way out and in, and balikbayans. Therefore, people like us  who have no choice. We already know that tourists will not come to our country in big numbers like in Thailand and Vietnam even.  Therefore, we do not care anymore. Tayo-tayo lang namang mga Pilipino gagamit, so bakit kailangan pagandahin pa? Iyan ang attitude natin.  Hay naku.

If  every Filipino who is caught transporting drugs, why does everyone always assume that they are innocent victims?  Everyone seems to talk of West African syndicates victimizing Filipinos. But if you willingly transport those drugs, doesn’t that make you part of the syndicate? If mules do it long enough, they get promoted, hindi ba? Iyon nga lang, kapag nahuli ka sa China, tepok ka na. No more promotion. If everyone na mahuhuli will point to someone above who recruited them, does that mean they should not be charged? If we follow that logic, wala na tayong ikukulong, hindi ba?

Are the Liberals in trouble? It seems that they may be. They brought in Montreal Liberal Justin Trudeau to make an appearance for Ruby Dhalla’s campaign in Brampton. During the Toronto election for Mayor, he also made an appearance on behalf of George Smitherman, even though the municipal level does not have any party affiliation. George Smitherman lost. If Ruby Dhalla loses Brampton, he better stop making appearances because it will not look good for his reputation anymore. He will start looking like the TV character Jessica Fletcher in the TV show “Murder, She Wrote.” The character of Jessica Fletcher, played by actress Angela Lansbury,  is a murder mystery writer and whenever she is on a location, somebody dies.  

People work for years to get promoted. Then, one month after they get promoted, they resign to go to another company. If they go to another company when they were at their old position, mababa lang ang suweldo na makukuha nila. Pero dahil mataas na iyong position nila when they left, mataas nga naman ang makukuha nilang salary doon sa new company.  Huh! I did not know that. 

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