Friday, April 22, 2011

Do you still like Jason Kenney, Minister of Immigration?

Does every caregiver like the changes that Immigration Minister Jason Kenney made? It seems there is something backhanded in the “reform” he made. Are all caregivers voters anyway? It seems he alienated the voters that matter -  the Canadian families who have to pay the fares now for Filipinos - read, non-voters - to come here. Hmmm...will those families vote for him?

Below are the changes he made to the rules regarding live-in caregivers.

The proposed changes include that employers will have to cover the costs of the caregivers’ travel to Canada, their workplace safety insurance and any recruiting fees owed to third parties as well as the cost of their medical insurance until they are eligible for provincial health coverage. Applicants will also no longer have to receive a second medial examination.
Foreign live-in caregivers or nannies will also now have up to four years to complete the two years, or 3900 work hours, necessary to gain landed status as opposed to the previous three. Ten per cent of their overtime hours will also be included in this calculation. A caregiver hotline as well as emergency processing of work permits when a change in employment is urgently needed have also been created.

Then, there are the changes that he made regarding temporary 
foreign workers below.

Also, temporary foreign workers face restrictions οn hοw long thеу саn work іn Canada, allowing thеm tο work inside Canada fοr four years οf work, thеn required tο stay out οf Canada fοr six years tο bе eligible tο work іn thе country again.

How do you like Jason Kenny now?

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