Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bato Bato July 2011

GMA star Carla Abellana is behind the winner putting the crown on winner Rachel Pantaleon. How can photographers take a picture of this moment? We had to settle for a posed shot afterwards. The coronation was the photo opportunity lost.

Why invite a big star?          
The coronation of the Miss Philippines Canada of the PCCF got a shot of showbiz glamour in the person of lovely Carla Abellana. She put the crown to the winner. Unfortunately, being still new in the business and lacking in any attitude at all, she proceeded to put the crown, from behind the winner. Photographers cannot take a photo of her putting the crown on the winner. What a wasted photo opportunity. Had she been in the business long enough, she would have fought to be beside the winner so she will also be photographed with the winner. I better stop writing now baka hindi ako bayaran sa mga previous ads ni Rosemer Enverga. Ehe, sus ginoo ni Roxanne.

Who are the non-Filipino photgraphers?
At the Pinoy Fiesta Festival last June 25, 2011 at the metro Toronto Convention Centre, who are the other non-Filipino photographers? What Filipino publications, TV, Radio, internet site are they going to put those photos? If they work for media outlets you have never heard of, they have no reason to be there. Do not give them access just because you are worried about missing an opportunity for exposure, which they might have claimed the event will get if we let them in. We should not be afraid to say NO. Let them cover other ethnic events and give those other events the exposure they promise.

Important News          
Now comes a news more important than ‘Filipinos getting healthcare in the Philippines’ or that ‘OFW’s are helping the Philippine economy’ or that ‘joblessness in the Philippines has been down’ or that ‘less Filipinos are now living below poverty level.’ I am proud to announce that Aubrey Miles, whose acting career is currently non-existent is going to pose for Playboy Philippines. No news can make the Filipinos all over the world proud than this news. It has been a long time since Tetchie Agbayani became an inspiration to all Filipinos when she took off her clothes for the German edition of Playboy in July 1982. I may be wrong about the date. 

King of Multiculturalism          
The provincial Liberal party are trying to copy Minister of Immigration’s Jason Kenney. At the PIDC dinner, Libreal Premiere McGuinty was shook hands and posed with everyone except the waiters. He was willing to be dragged by his handlers from table to table to pose for pictures like a newly-wed groom in a wedding. The last time somebody did that, the politician left after being dragged into posing for five tables. I cannot remember the politician or the organization anymore. Now, it seems that everyone wants to be look ethnically-friendly. Even though is no proof that a so-called ethnic vote propelled the federal Conservatives to a majority party, other parties are not leaving anything to chance. Maybe, Premiere Dalton McGuinty will win the cheesy title of “King Of Multiculturalism” that was bestowed to Minister Jason Kenney a few months back. Premiere McGuinty will have to be willing to eat a lot of samosas, pancit Malabon, kebabs, lo meins  in his quest to win the ethnic vote. 

Laughter, the best Medicine          
It seems that the situation in the Spratly Islands is getting tense. China has been sending warships and planes to the area. Not to be outdone, the Philippines sent it’s only warship to the area - the frigate Rajah Humabon which is as old as Rajah Humabon. I am not sure what the intention is. If we plan to kill the Chinese sailors and soldiers with laughter, we just might succeed.    

The police recovered an 2006 Volvo in the Philippines that was smuggled. According to the Philippines, the value of the car was $45,000. I checked at Kijiji and Craigslist to see if the value of a 2006 Volvo will reach that amount. I found prices of a 2006 Volvo from $25,000 to $35,000. The news did not say what model of Volvo it was so I just checked any model. In the Philippines, I learned that when police raid a marijuana plantation, the police unit gets paid half the value of the marijuana. I do not know who pays them that. So, what they do is that even though they know where a plantation is located, they do not raid it until the marijuana plants are fully grown and have a higher value already. I wonder if it works the same way with stolen cars. Sometimes, I wonder where they base the value of the cars. 

Sign of Maturity          
In Philippine showbiz,  an actress is willing to pose for FHM when she is faced with the following dilemma
a. her career is going nowhere
b. she has reached the age of maturity (we have no idea what the age of maturity is sa mga artista)
c. she wants to have a sugar daddy who will make her his mistress, house her and pay for her expenses
  In this case, I will jsut comment of B, which is Stef Prescott’s reason for shedding her clothes for FHM. She is now 20 years olf and has reached maturity. She could have turned mature at 18 and pose for FHM. But I guess, with no movies for the last two years, she decided that posing at 20 years old will be a more credible reason.  
The List          
In the Philippines, some no-career actresses or even no-career women anywhere at all pose for sexy magazines. What are they hoping to accomplish? Well, they hope to start a showbiz career. Or, they  will get a sugar daddy which will solve their money problems. But sometimes, they get to be paid escorts. If you read some of these magazines, and you know what magazines they are, the women who pose in their pages are unknown they could have picked them up anywhere.   

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