Friday, June 24, 2011

How can you tell who's the biggest star?

In a formal dinner, how do you know who's the biggest star?
She is the one seated in the middle of the other stars. In this case, it is Carla Abellana. The two stars on her sides, Franceska farr on her right and Jay-R on her left act as a buffer for interlopers. Whoever wants to pose with the stars end up posing with them. Whoever wants to pose with Carla end up behind her, like me in the picture. That way, nobody can sit beside Carla and pose with her as if they have known her for a long time. With technology these days, their studios have to protect the image of their stars. They have to worry where or how the photos are going to be used. If they cannot control the photos, they can at least restrict access to their biggest star without looking unfriendly.
Yours truly, pose with stars Carla Abellana and Jay-R.

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