Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Naku ha ! August 2011

Uphold journalistic standards           
There is a new organizations of journalists in Toronto. It is the National Union of Journalists in the Philippines - Toronto. I guess it is a chapter of the Philippine organizations. It criticizes the newspapers here for having too much entertainment news. It is lead by Butch Galicia or Libretto and Tenny Soriano of Balita. According to them, “Stung by a proliferation of fake and incompetent media practitioners in the local newspaper industry, concerned Filipino journalists formed themselves into a union to work for standardized pay and to upgrade their technical skills.” Standard naman ang pay ko-near bottom. And to think publisher na nga ako. The irony is that Galicia’s Libretto is actually full of entertainment news. And hindi ba mayroon nang organizations sila Tenny and Mon Datol na Manunulat na Pilipino or something? Sus mayosep. May full time jobs na nga tayo, may 2nd, 3rd jobs, saan pa natin hahanapin ang time to upgrade skills to write. The formation was announced accompanied by a photo of the attendees. Besides Tenny Soriano and wife and Butch Galicia, I do not recognize any of the others. It looked more like a picnic photo of friends. There is only one to become a journlist anyway. Just do it. It is like becoming a great photographer - take pictures.

Much ado about Nothing          
There was a big hullaballoo about some children who cried because they did not win an award at Little Miss Philippines pageant. I am not clear on the details. Some say the rules were changed in the middle of a pageant. This I know in any pageant.You cannot make them all win. Parents who make their children join thses pageants should know that. I have an idea but it is also stupid. I was thinking of giving each child an award. But how do you do that? If you have judges who are not part of your organization, you cannot tell the judges to give each on an award because that is parang tampering, hindi po ba? Ano sa palagay ninyo? Forget scrapping pageants. We love them. We have them sa Pilipinas and somebody here will always have them.
Fake girlfriends          
Aba, mukha naman palang hindi totoo na nakakauha ng girlfriend ang ating dear President ng Pilipinas na si Benigno Aquino jr, known as PNOY. Parang ginagawa lang yata ng mga assistant niya para magmukha siyang playboy. At one time, he just talked to asinger and they were the talk of the town for 6 months and he did not know why becasue he has not talked to the singer afterwards. Iyon pala, his assistant has been sending flowers to the singer without his knowledge. kaya kapag bumalik ako sa Pilipinas, magpapadala ako ng mg aflowers sa lahat ng mga magagandang artista doon. Ganoon lang naman kadali masulat sa mga society pages ng mga newspaper at magazine doon. 

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  1. Ay naku Joeeeey, ano ba yang sinulat mo? A good reporter basically knows how to get his facts straight. Nandun na yung picture. Malaki at bold pa ang mga letters: National Union of Journalists of the Philippines - Canada. Ay naku, tingnan mo ang sinulat mo.

    Yung sinasabi mong "According to them . . . 'Stung by a proliferation . . . ', " ako ang sumulat nun, hindi si Tenny or Butch. Kaya mali yung pagkasabi mo.

    Sa isang parte naman, medyo tama ka. May konting salo-salo na puwedeng tawagin picnic. Potluck-type. Down-to-earth na kainan, halak-hakan at kuwentuhan. Sila ang mga working journalists, walang air, walang pretensions, walang pataasan ng ihi. Kung ano ang kaya ng bulsa, yun lang ang kakainin sa isang park. Hindi marangya, walang pormahan, walang paandaran.

    Ngayon, if you don't recognize "any of the others", seguro dahil yung "others" na yun hindi nakikihalubilo sa mga PIDC-types. Siyempre alam mo ang ibig kong sabihin ng PIDC-types dahil kasama ka nila, hindi ba?

    Ay naku Joeeeey! Gumising ka na!