Sunday, July 3, 2011

Naku Ha!

Coronation or a Pit Stop          
I think it would be best if we only have one person putting the crown and the sash in our beauty pageants. How hard could it be to bring and put the sash and crown by one person? As it is now, it looks more like a medical operation in  warzone than a coronation? As it is, our coronation of a pageant winner in Toronto looks like a pit stop in a car race. Kapa na-announce ang winner, three or more people approach the winner and put the sash, the crown, give her the trophy, the roses, the envelope, and the kitchen sink. este, mali pala. Walang kitchen sink. It looks like a pit stop when you watch Nascar, Formula One or Indy. the car pulls to the pit stop, four guys remove the tire nut, four guys remove and put new tires, one guy lifts the car, one guy removes the gas cap, one guy refills the gas tank, one guy wipes the guy’s helmet, one guy gives him a kiss. Este mali pala uli. You know what I mean. Doon sa PCCF Miss Philippine Canada, may bumati pa na lalaki sa stage bigla. 

No Filipinos          
Do you remember the Hongkong writer who insulted the Filipinos a few years ago with regards to the Spratly islands? He said that we should not be telling them what to do because they employ us. Us meaning, the domestic workers in Hongkong. You probably don’t remember him Anyway, the issue is not about him. It is about some of those who defended our domestic workers. Some took the position that our domestic workers are indispensable for various reasons. Some painted scenarios what will happen to Hongkong if there were no Filipino domestic workers. Well, if Saudi Arabia pushes with it’s plans to stop hiring Filipino domestic workers, we will find out if a country can live without Filipino domestic workers.  

Bypass New York City          
Congressman Florencio Miraflores was here recently selling the Philippines as a tourist destination to expatriates. He was addressing the law and order situation in the Philippines. “What is happening in Manila, or what is happening in Mindanao is not true to the other areas of the Philippines,” he emphasized. He said crimes given prominence in the news are “isolated cases which are mostly happening in the urban areas”. He said that we can visit the Philippines, bypass Manila and go directly to our provinces. But, when there is a breakdown of law and order in the capital of any country, the iimpression reflects on the whole country. When the crime rate of New York city was so high, it affected the perception for whole state of New York. Besides, I think it’s a ridiculous idea to sell tourism to bypass the capital of any country. You can sell nature tourism to the outlying areas but everybody knows that all cultural events happen in the main city. You go to a cpaital city to see the arts, eat fine cuisine, enjoy the nighlife, watch stage shows and other diversions. 
Not safe with Security           
Authorities are now on the hunt for four men who broke into the condominium unit of an elderly Japanese couple in Makati City Saturday and took with them cash and valuables after tying up their victims.
Police Officr 3 Jemcel Acosta of the Makati City Police said four men broke into the unit of couple Akira Hishimoto, 75, and Takuo Yoshimoto, 74, at the BSA Tower on Legaspi Street in Legaspi Village around 11:30 a.m.
At knifepoint, the robbers tied down the victims, along with their Filipino secretary, Cherrie Cabacaccan, 59, and dragged them inside the comfort room. 
It was not clear why the condominium security guard allowed the men in, unless they were vouched for by any of the building residents. 

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