Saturday, July 2, 2011

New training na naman for Maids to be Laid-off by Saudi?

hatever happened to the supermaids that were supposed to command higher salary? In Hollywood, if your agent demands a salary that causes you to lose your job, you can fire that agent. Unfortunately, in the Philippines, just getting out of the country with a tourist visa is worse than getting out of Communist China. China does not restrict their citizens anymore from leaving the country. However, the Philippines now treats all it's own citizens as labor to be sold that if you do not pass through the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (AND PAY THE FEES), they give you a hard time, specially if you "look poor" to be travelling as a tourist.

Bakit ganoon?Now, if a Filipino tourist is going to Saudi, they will not let you out of the airport because they believe you are a "victim of human smuggling." You're not really a victim. They just want to make it look like they are protecting you. Even though alam mo na magiging illegal ka doon sa bansa na pupuntahan mo, they make it their business to stop you.

*You did not pass through the government processing and pay your fees.

Palace: We’re sticking to our guns on maids


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MalacaƱang said Saturday it would insist on the Philippine government’s requirements imposed on Saudis who employ Filipino domestics, even as it seeks clarification of the new Saudi policy against the hiring of new maids.
In an interview over state-run dzRB radio, Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte said Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz was also working to arrive at a positive resolution of the dispute over labor policies between the two countries.
“Based on what we know, they have complaints over certain requirements that our country is asking from employers, but again those requirements are based in law,” Valte said.
Asked if the government would insist on those requirements, she said: “Those policies are not just policies but those are laws put in place for the protection of our migrant workers. So that’s what we have been pursuing.”
“Even if they go abroad, our laws would still protect them,” Valte said.
Philippine Overseas Employment Administration chief Carlos Cao Jr. has said the Saudis want to pay only $200 in monthly salary or half of the $400 that the Philippines has been insisting on for its migrant workers.
“[The Saudis] want to pay only $200 in monthly salary to HSWs (household service workers) and not $400 that the Philippine government is insisting on for their benefit, welfare and protection. The new note verbale is an offshoot of the earlier note,” Cao said earlier.
Valte said the government was trying to get clarification on the non-issuance of new work permits.
“(There) are many things that need to be clarified about their policy, such as stopping the issuance of new visas, especially in the domestic services sector. We need to ask if this refers to the new hires or those who want to return, those who had been issued visas before,” Valte said.
She said the government was confident other markets would absorb the large number of migrant workers that would be turned away from Saudi Arabia if the issue isn’t resolved.
She said livelihood assistance and training awaited those that would be affected by the Saudi policy.

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