Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bastusan Na!

Bastusan na! Happy, yipee, yehey!

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SENATE President Juan Ponce Enrile and Senate President Pro-tempore Jinggoy Estrada were being KJ in urging the easing of the conflict between President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino 3rd and the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Renato Corona. Maybe JPE and Jinggoy should let the President be. The President is giving the nation a major source of entertainment in continuously pummeling Corona and the SC at every opportunity he gets—and the nation is in dire need of entertainment.

The two Senate leaders did not say that the President was being uncivil, impolite, or unpresidential in expressing his utter disdain for the Chief Justice. They did not even compare the President to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro like Fr. Joaquin Bernas SJ did. They were merely concerned about the effect of the tirades on our institutions. But you know what? Majority of the people support the President. Why should the President care about being unpresidential when his rants are drawing raves from the people?

Oh yes, excuse me, the President was not being rude or impolite in his in-your-face insults of Corona. When the President says what he wants to, he is being candid or honest. Rudeness applies only to ordinary persons like you and me. We are supposed to be tactful or considerate of other person’s feelings, but a president has no need for such, especially in dealing with his perceived enemies. No doubt, he has been emboldened by the strong backing of the populace on this issue. Or is the President merely pandering to the sentiments of the people? Which reminds me, did the German people’s strong support prop up the megalomania of Adolf Hitler? Hey, I’m just asking! Popularity could be enhanced by demagoguery, you know.

There are now proposals for “Occupy the Supreme Court” and for the impeachment of Corona. These proposals, if carried out, would definitely increase the pressure against the embattled justice. Malacañang really knows how to pick its fights. Although the Judiciary is supposed to be co-equal of the Executive in a republic, the Judiciary is actually the weaker one. So why is there no public sympathy for the underdog? Because the underdog is linked to former President Gloria Arroyo, and I need not stress here how low the public esteem is for her. The mismatch in the “fight” between Malacañang and Corona can be seen from the fact that no critic of the President can demonstrate in Mendiola. A recent attempt was stopped by the police.

The President’s hostility toward the Chief Justice is already well known, but he could not hold his tongue. At every turn, even when the occasion pertains to other issues, our very popular President airs his distaste for Corona. As long as the people share his sentiments, we should expect him to keep harping on this. And why should he talk about other issues? The moment he discusses issues like the economy, the fight against poverty and the public-private partnership program, the people will cease to be entertained. And they might realize and weep at how the promise of Paradise has not really been fulfilled. So, on with the bastusan! This has strong appeal to the common people. Happy, yipee, yehey! Wowowee! Or, were we “na-bulaga?”

Drug mule in China
I’m certain that some radio and television stations will again sensationalize their reporting about the execution of a Pinoy drug mule in China. They did this before, to the extent of virtually creating “heroes” and martyrs out of the drug couriers.

There are now calls for a reevaluation of our relations with Beijing. The doomed man had been identified as a frequent drug courier. This means that he had made a lot of money at the expense of young drug addicts.

I agree with Sen. Loren Legarda that this criminal case should not provide a blot to our diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China. Legarda said, “PROC has stringent laws against drug trafficking and so do other countries, including the Philippines. China’s enforcement of its laws is within its rights. We trust that the administration of its laws is fair and just. The execution of drug mules is not a political issue and should not affect our relations with PROC.”

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