Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gun control laws for murders???

REALLY? This is the conclusion they come up with? Emerson Lozano and Benson Evangelista were kidnapped, killed and burned after their vehicles were carjacked at gunpoint and the conclusion they come up with is about gun control!!!  Are they stupid? Laws are for law-abiding citizens. Criminals do not follow them. So, why bother ahving stricter gun-control laws? The conclusion I come up with is bring back the death penalty. Death is the only deterrent for these kind of criminals. If you impose death, they will not commit crime again. Just try it once and see how effective it is. You can't keep all criminals in prison for life. They get pardoned by a stupid politician down the road. Bring back the death penalty. We are not Europeans and we will never be one jsut because we removed the death penalty. All Asian countries have them except Japan.  

Alarming wave of violence Solon bats for stricter gun control


January 18, 2011, 6:30pm

MANILA, Philippines – The tragic fate that befell the son of lawyer Oliver Lozano could be a new modus operandi by one criminal group following the discovery in Cabanatuan City of another burned cadaver believed to be that of a missing son of a car trader.

This alarming wave of violence has prompted Sen. Franklin Drilon to push for the passage of a measure that would regulate the carrying of firearms.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Decriminalizing Vagrancy

Chiz wants vagrancy decriminalized

January 7, 2011, 6:59pm
MANILA, Philippines – A bill decriminalizing vagrancy has been filed in the Senate.
Sen. Francis Escudero, author of Senate Bill No. 2367, said vagrancy must be striked out from the country’s code of crimes as this provision only targets the poor and the disadvantaged.
The bill hopes to target individuals who committed vagrancy but ended up victims of heinous acts.
“Our society and our law should be restorative and rehabilitative rather than punitive to those who simply were not given fair and equal opportunities in life,” the senator said.
According to Escudero, vagrancy is often used to take advantage of people who cannot really stand up for themselves.
“Take the case of that woman who was arrested by a policeman for vagrancy. She was not even loitering, yet she was arrested. Now she’s crying rape by her captor,” Escudero said referring to the rape case filed against a certain PO3 Antonio Bautista of the Manila Police District (MPD).

Aquino hpes for a Better Life for Filipinos in 2011

Aquino leads toast to "better life" for Filipinos in 2011

January 7, 2011, 9:36pm
MANILA, Philippines (PNA) - President Benigno S. Aquino III led hundreds of political, business and economic leaders here and abroad as well as the diplomatic community in his first toast to the New Year, which the President said is optimistically viewed by most Filipinos to improve their lives.
“Their optimism will be validated. This year, businesses will invest more in the country, creating new jobs for families,” the Chief Executive said in his Vin D’ Honneur message before the New Year’s toast with the diplomatic community, members of Congress, his Cabinet and other political allies.
The President said government resources will be spent to uplift the lives of the poor and the Philippines will once again be “a voice in the world for freedom and fairness.”
He said challenges from an uncertain outlook for the global economy and a noisy minority who want to rekindle the malicious practices of the past can be overcome by working together to fulfill the promise of the year ahead.
“We have much to look forward to,” the President stressed after which he asked his guests to raise their glasses to a toast for a prosperous and peaceful 2011 for all.
In his reply, Papal Nuncio to the Philippines Archbishop Edward Joseph Adams, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, expressed “symbolically, our common effort at forging a genuine community of Peoples and Nations and to reflect with each experiences of the past and look towards a future that we all hope will be ever more serene and auspicious.”
“The past year, we have followed with attention and interest the chain of events that have tested the democratic processes and capacities of this great nation. What has resulted in a smooth transition to a new leadership that asserted its resolve to tackle with determination and efficiency the urgent problems which confront the Filipino people,” Adams said.
He said President Aquino took the path with courage and vision, manifesting the political will and tenacity to preserve the tenets of democracy, to safeguard the common good, to unite the vital forces of society and to assure a peaceful future for the people, irrespective of religion, culture or religious background.
Globally, Adams said, 2010 was marked by a series of natural and man-made disasters, threats to the environment, the problem of energy security, the question of water allocation, food procurement and management, among others.
Particularly worrying, Adams added, is the ongoing impact of the global financial crisis and the multiplication throughout the world of instances of confusion, struggle and conflict.
“We continue to witness how demanding it is to stay on the path that leads to truth, justice and reconciliation and how important to this end is a commitment to the dignity of the human person and the defense of human rights,” Adams concluded.