Thursday, August 18, 2011

Naku Ha! September 2011

How can you solve a problem like the Philippines?
Is it true that there is discontent about the administration of President Benigno Aquino jr? 
Is it enough to overthrow him?
I do not believe so.
It has also been one year since he came to office to great acclaim that he willl clean office. His image has been spotless. However, his administration has been the target of accusations - justified or not - of corruption. As one adminsitrator also said who was tasked with cleaning smuggling in his area’ “ I cannot do it overnight.”
I agree with this person. 
However, I believe that should Aquino become active in cleaning corruption, he just might make it. I jsut don’t think it will be easy. And that is an understatement.

Jericho Rosales entertains the crowd at Fiesta ng Kalayaan. PHOTO BY NOLI GUMAPAC

Growing Big     
Kalayaan held it’s own Fiesta ng Kalayaan festival, in cooperation with Fiesta Filipina Dance troupe in Mississauga and had Jericho Rosales as guest in one portion of the program. Apparently, there were so many photographers that photographer Noli Gumapac, who contributes to this newspaper was not let in by Nestor Perez anymore at the photographers area in front. Aba, bakit dumami naman yata ang mga photographers dito bigla? Iyong ibang events nila, ni isang photographer nga wala kang makita. I hope those same photographers will still cover other Kalayaan events kahit walang big star like Jericho Rosales. 
What is the Big Deal?          
Reporters Romeo Marquez, Tenny Soriano and Butch Galicia complained of not getting press badges and having to sign a waiver complaining of “infringement of press freedom.” Sus Roxanne Ginoo naman kayo. Porke hindi lang kayo nabigyan ng badge, galit na kayo. I actually prefer not to have  badge. Dagdag na nakasabit pa sa akin iyon. Dalawa na nga ang mga camera na nakasabit sa akin, tapos, mabubuhol pa ako sa badge. OK na iyong wrist band. Kapag nakita ng security sa press area, hindi ka na nila iistorbohin. Romeo Marquez also got mad that nobody at the front desk has heard of Digital Journal, an internet-based...well... “journal” Well, I never would have heard of it also if I was not on the email list that he sends to regularly. I already publish a newspaper and I am shocked that not all of Toronto has heard of it also. I am shocked. Shocked. (FAKE SARCASM)

Size does not matter     
When Romeo Marquez called Pinoy Fiesta huge, I know he lost all impartiality. PF was not huge. However, it was just as successful. Besides, it is not the size of the festival that matters. It is the success of the festival, regardless of the size. For the record, Pinoy Fiesta advertised with me while PIDC did not. But I will not say that Pinoy Fiesta was huge just because they advertised with me. But I will say this - it was just as successful. Pinoy Fiesta’s Rosemer Enverga had a brilliant idea on how and why it became just as successful.   
It is no different than a newspaper. You can publish a 60-page newspaper or a 28-page newspaper. But if your 60-page newspaper does not have enough advertising, you are losing money and making it hard for yourself to deliver  the paper, not to mention, your vehicle and the gas it consumes -  assuming you are also doing the delivery. If you have a 28-page newspaper and you have enough to cover the expenses and with profit left over, then you are more successful. What I am saying is this - you do not have to be big to be successful. But it is more important to be successful, regardless of the size of the undertaking. 
How many read your news?     
Probably, others are claiming to represent the media from the internet and claiming thousands of people see their “netpaper” or “webcast.” Are they claiming that they have more readers than this newspaper whose circulation is already 100,000...(cough, cough)?Bakit kaya ako nabubulunan? That is true, the circulation of this newspaper is 100,000. May the lightning strike me if I am lying. Thank goodness it’s a sunny day. 

How do you measure circulation?      
Well, I am telling the truth. However, the figures I gave you were not for one issue. They are the result of more than 10 years of publishing. Ehe, ano ba itong nasabi ko? Joke only po. 

Why bother?          
Why bother investigating whether GMA cheated FPJ in the 2004 elections or not. And “Garci” denied being part of cheating. And because Garci deny being part of cheating, some conclude that he is still being paid by GMA. Naku ha. Hindi niyo lang makuha iyong result na gusto ninyo, you spread the rumour na bayaran siya ng kabila. E kung makuha niyo iyong sagot na gusto niyo, will you conclude na bayaran niyo siya? We all assume naman that anyone who is in politics sa Pilipinas is a cheater. If the other party or candidate wins, then, they are the better cheater. Weather weather lang iyan. Besides, anong gagawin ninyo? Install Susan Roces as president?

Much ado about a waiver          
What some press people are complaining about is actually standard procedure for other events. Organizers make photographers, videographers, and reporters sign a waiver before they are allowed into the venue. What media consider freedom of the press does not extend to covering entertainment events, which is what the Pinoy Fiesta and Kapmilya One was all about. They are not covering a corruption scandal cover-up or a shooting involving police and innocent people. I find it ironic theat some media people only complain about freedom of the press when they are barred for covering an entertainment event. The way we photographers cover a local event is equivalent to anarchy where we stand anywhere, anytime, blocking people who paid for the privilege of watching the show but end up watching our back and our ass. Canadian producers tell you where to stand and when you can take a photograph. I remember Raymond Santos telling me that when he watched and covered Lea Salonga a few years back. The producer was not Filipino. He said that they were all allowed to take photos during one song only. After that, no more photographs were allowed. The other organized concert I watched was Sarah Geronimo when producer Lito Ronquillo made sure that the photographers did not stand in front, blocking the VIP. That was the right way. I doubt if any of the complaining media will complain about signing a waiver in exchange for covering a Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift concert. They are just complaining because it is a Filipino event and they believe that they should be allowed to do as they want.