Monday, January 30, 2012

Naku Ha!

PAL drives you crazy
When I flew to Cebu from NAIA, I had my tripod with me in my bag. No problem. Don’t ask me what NAIA at hindi ko alam ang number nila. Pero nang pabalik na ako, papunta na ako sa waiting area at ang sabi ng screener, hindi po puwede ang tripod. 
“Paki check-in niyo sir,” sabi sa akin. 
Pinayagan naman akong bumalik sa check in counter sa labas. 

It Arrived in Manila
Akala ko, it would be the last time I will see the tripod.  Sa Cebu, binalot ng check-in sa isang plastic. Parang grocery bag lang dito at nilagay sa conveyor belt. Siyempre, may tag. And nasa isisp ko, hindi na aabot sa Manila iyon, mawawala na. Aba, umabot nga sa Manila. Hindi ko inisip na nanakawin. Ang nasa isip ko, sa liit na iyon, mawawala lang iyon. Iyon ngang malalaking maleta nawawala. HIMALA!

Small Microwave
Then, while waiting for my flight to Taiwan, I decided to buy chicken empanada. Madami ang bumibili. Nilagay ng saleslady iyong empanada ko sa microwave. Wala pang 5 seconds, inalis ng kasama at naglagay ng lima sa loob. Natural malamig pa rin ng ibigay sa akin. Pagkagat ko, curry flavored pala. Iyong microwave na gamit nila, pambahay pa sa laki. Or rather, pambahay sa liit. Sus ginoo naman.  

Security Above all
Improve the law and order, punish those who are caught in a timely manner and they will come. The tourists, I mean. But if they hear are killings, muggings left and right all over the country, people will be afraig to come to the country. Don’t say we keep the tourists areas safe, that’s ridiculous. Keep the whole country safe. You cannot tell tourists what place they can and cannot go. That only happened during the cold war and only communist countries like Russia, China, East Berlin, and others did that. Tourists want to go to every place in a country. They want to experience what can be considered local flavour. It is embarassing that even the notorious slums of Brazil, the favelas, are now tourist spots. So far, the world has not heard of any tourists assaulted there yet. Can we say the same for our slums? It has also been said that you can walk in the slums of Calcutta with your cameras and come out unharmed but you cannot walk in a poor neighbourhood of America or Canada without getting mugged. Can we say that our slums are as safe as the ones in Calcutta? 

Inquirer in Toronto?
According to an email Paul dela Cruz of Balita received, Philippine Inquirer is coming to Canada. Why? Is there  a lot of money to be made here? They are a  big corporation and big corporations want big margins in their profit. Good luck to them. I remember a big industrial machine who tried to take over a “backward, agriclutural” country in the 1960’s until they gave up in 1974. The country was Vietnam. The big industrial machine who gave up is called United States of America. And I do not believe they cannot get anyone to work for them for free or peanuts. Let us put this in perspective. If you employ somebody in the Philippines for a business venture there, the cost will go up dahil they know that the money is coming from here. They think tinatae natin ang pera. Now, if I was employed here by the PI and I know that they are a big money-making operation in the Philippines, I will not work for below minimum-wage dito. 

Krystal caraballo 
RE: RE: player1956
Nasa incoming email ko ito. Akala ko naman press release sa community. Pagbukas ko, nagbebenta pala ng viagra at iba pa. Sunod sunod pa man din. Sus ginoo. Bakit ako pinadadalhan nito e may year-round supply na ako. Ehe, ano ba ito?

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