Monday, May 28, 2012

Naku ha! - June Issue


Posting views on Facebook and other social media sites delivers to the brain a powerful reward similar to the pleasure derived from food and sex, a Harvard study has concluded. 
Now I understand why people keep putting the most mundane details of their daily life. Like ‘drinking at Starbucks, crossing the street, run over by an 18-wheeler, dead now.’
Which brings me 
Am I the only one not having an orgasm while surfing facebook? That explains why some people are online 24/7 on facebook. Before I sleep, they are there. I wake up and check fb and they are still there.

Charge  them Both
When has-been actress Claudine Barretto was berating a Cebu Pacific employee, columnist Ramon Tulfo took a photo of it. Claudine’s husband Raymart and friends tried to grab the cellphone and a fight broke out.  In the Philippines, the police wonder who to charge when a fight breaks out. Here sa Canada, they charge both for  public disturbance. After they have investigated further, they add additional charges to the one who started it. 

Photo, not Video?
What is Ramon Tulfo thinking? What is he going to do with a photograph? If your cellphone has a video function, why not use that? What is the use of taking a photo of Claudine berating a helpless attendant? If Claudine Barretto did that here, she would have been arrested already for public disturbance or any other charge? So, your bags were left behind, why go berserk?  

Only in the Philippines will bags be offloaded because the plane is overloaded? Really? What engines are they using to fly the airplane? A tricycle engine? Here, the excuse is it was misplaced. But overloaded? Never have I heard that bags will be left behind because the plane is overloaded? Baka si Claudine ang mabigat. Dapat siya ang na-offload, hindi ba? Ehe, ano ba ito?

Hiding in the Open
A friend of mine called me almost two years ago and asked me if I know Anna Carina Pineda. I said I knew her when she owned and her husband / partner or boyfriend owned DTD Balikbayan boxes.  They sold DTD and the new owners do not know their whereabouts anymore.  I do not know her personally. She said that ACP owes her money and she cannot find her anymore. ACP borrowed $3000 from her for an investment. When ACP came back and showed her the interest, she was asked to invest $5000 more and she did. After that, ACP is nowhere to be found and so is her money. However, whatever lead I followed ended up dead end. So-called victims do not look like victims at all but more like friends protecting her. One even said it is a private matter but knows her whereabouts and her phone number. I gave him my number to pass to her but I did not get a call.  Hmmm...I do not have the resources to dig further. Maybe I’ll just whatever details I have to reporter Dale Brazao of Toronto Star.  He always manages to find scandals in ethnic communities.

Police help?
Apparently, calling the police does not help at all, according to some. Well, maybe because they have a different expectation of how it works here. Some probably think that once they called the police, they’ve passed the problem of collecting. Collecting is not the job of the police. The police are there to file criminal charges. Are you filing criminal charges or are you trying to collect and are just using the police as your collection agents? Then, there is the problem of getting paid while the police are investigating. If ten people file charges and 5 of them get paid, they withdraw the charges. The other 5 are left to continue the fight. A  second batch of 5 people file charges. Then, the other 5 get paid and these new 5 people continue the fight while the police end up throwing the paperwork of the original 10. So, you see why the police are not interested in these cases. And why perpetrators of these crimes keep popping up from time to time.

Longer  than Corona Trial
Here in Toronto, former PIDC president Minda Neri and others are accusing that their former PIDC Ms Philippines pageant chairman Rosemer Enverga has not turned over all the money before she left. PIDC’s treasurer and / or auditor has not finished auditing it yet. They say that it was tax season so the auditors were busy. By the way, Enverga left in 2010. Minda Neri just passed the presidency to Norma Carpio. Norma Carpio is not accusing Enverga of anything as of this writing.  Are we going to get the audited figures before the Corona trial in the Philippines wraps up? Or are we going to write up accusations left and right before the audit is finished? Sus ginoo naman ni Roxanne.  Balita publisher Tess Cusipag said that pageants are money-makers saying that Fiesta Filipina earns $10,000. I talked to a mother of a contestant and she was of the impression that it looks bigger than that. Hmmm...interesting. If somebody accuses me of something, it better be of sleeping with their daughter. Hopefully, the daughter is beautiful. After all, I have an image to maintain even if it is not true. Two, if it is not true and the daughter is beautiful, she better sleep with me and then, they can accuse me. Ehe. Ano ba ito? Anyway, we will still write more about this topic in the coming issues. The Enverga-Neri case, not my reputation.  Ehe, ano ba ito? 

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