Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Published Too Early. Neri-Enverga Word War keeps going like the Energizer Bunny

As I was distributing my newspaper - Little Manila Confidential - the Corona trial wrapped up. However, here in toronto, we have our own trial by publicity going on. The Neri-Enverga imbroglio is still going on and will more likely last longer than 5 months, the amount of time the Corona trial in the Philippines lasted. What keeps this going like the Energizer bunny is us people in the media fanning the flames with non-facts and pseudo-psycho babble learned from watching too many TV shows, probably crime dramas. If she did not answer the question, therefore she is guilty. If only the Toronto police can learn from us, a lot more suspects - guilty or not - will be in jail.

Can you imagine the police and the prosecution going to court saying "You honor, the suspect did not answer when I asked him if he killed the victim. He also looked upward towards the left, instead of the right, therefore, he was lying, even if he did not say anything. If a person looked to the left, he is using part of the brain that humans use for lying. I the looked to the right, he is using part of the brain to think of a lie. Therefore, he is guilty even if he did not say anything and we have no evidence yet. But that is not important"

"Oh wow, that is a very convincing argument" says the judge, "guilty then."

Case Solved.

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