Thursday, July 19, 2012

Naku ha - August 2012

It’s not Easy being a 
George Clooney Look-alike. 
You get Mistaken for Being Gay. 
Not that there’s Anything Wrong with It.
Accused of being gay by a Balita stringer, I became head of security for the beauties of PCCF. I assured the parents that their daughters are safe with me - ALONE.  In this photo, I pose with Miss Philippines Canada 2012 runner-up Christal Bautista and titlist Alev Usta. Now, readers, don’t I look like George Clooney? :D :D :D

Sue Here, Sue there
Apparently, there is alot of suing going on. Balita is suing Manila Media Monitor for libel. When Rosemer threatened to sue, Columnist Tenny Soriano of Balita asked if Rosemer was just being onion-skinned. Ano naman kaya ang reason dito para idemanda ng Balita and Monitor? Onion-skin din kaya? Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

Balita stringer Romy Marquez

I am Gay?
Apparently, Balita stringer Romy Marquez has insinuated that I am gay. He also points out that I always photograph  raunchy pictures in this newspaper and warns parents of their daughters about me taking the photos. I have no idea what raunchy pictures he was talking about until I figured out that he was referring to the bikini shots of Philippine actresses. Sus Ginoo. Oh, I cannot talk like that also dahil apparently, saying “ehe, susmaryosep, and others” is gay-talk.  He also warns parents with daughters about me. If I am gay, why will parents of daughters have to worry about me? Since I  am gay, parents, your daughters are safe with me - ALONE. What do you think, readers? For the record, I am not. But according to the Seinfeld TV show, not that there’s anything wrong with it. 

Admit or Not
If you complain that you are not gay, you get cornered from all sides by some asking if you are insulted. If not, why complain, they will say. If yes, then, you get into deeper hole why you find being gay insulting.  I’ll just admit I’m gay kaya. Or should I do a George Clooney and say I don’t give a shit. 

The Company You Keep
Apparently, you are judged by the company you keep. If you are with a guy most of the time, you two are partners, therefore, gay. If you are with a woman always, like George Clooney, you are just using that as a cover and therefore, gay. If you dump a hot woman like Jennifer Aniston, you are gay. So Brad Pitt is gay. But he went with Angelina Jolie. Isn’t she bisexual? 

No Company to keep
What if you do not have a company - man or woman - to keep like me and Romy Marquez? Well, this is the reason we both must have a camera in our hands all the time. With no man or woman to keep us company, you’ll never know where those hands will lead to. dirty minds. I mean, it might lead to cigarettes, which will lead to a lighter, which will lead to smoking, which is unhealthy, and might lead to cancer. Kayo ha! What were you thinking?

CNN star reporter Anderson Cooper was adored by thousands, if not millions of women. He finally admitted he was gay.

Irony of Being Straight
For years, women have fantasized about CNN reporter Anderson Cooper (ABOVE) even if some already felt he was gay. Now that he admitted it, I get the crazy feeling that some women are still fantasizing about him. The ironic thing is, I am straight and nobody is fantasizing about me. Ehe. Ano ba itong nasabi ko? Maybe, if I admit I am gay, there will at least be one woman who will fantasize about me. I can only hope. 

PHL lends $1B to Bailout
Is the Philippines acting rich by lending $1B to bailout the rich European countries who find themselves in  afiscal mess becasue of the generosity of their social programs? Canada’s Prime Minister Harper wisely refused to lend a single cent unless the European countries practice self-control on their generous programs like their pensions. Canada can afford to ignore them. Canada does not rely on the International Monetary Fund on a regular basis. Apparently, the IMF is Euro-centric, meaning controlled pala ito ng mga Europeans. Did the Philippines have a choice? The Philippines keep asking for a loan from the IMF on a regular basis. If we did not contribute, will they loan us again in the futiure? Baka hindi. 

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