Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Movers from the Top


The Movers from the Top
LEFT, Verth Bugtong is the most visible officer of PIDC, here seen introducing the program at the Mabuhay Ball.  RIGHT, Rosemer Enverga Is his counterpart with arch-rival organization PCCF, here convincing the crowds to subscribe to GMA-7 in Montreal. 

In any organization, there is always one officer who is most visible, by virtue of their energy, the enthusiasm for the job, rapport with people specially the press that you would think that they are the president. 
It’s not always the case.
In the case of Philippine Independence Day Council or PIDC, Verth Bugtong is actually the Business Manager, not the president. The president is Norma Carpio.  Verth was also the familiar face when they presented their PIDC candidates to the press last spring. 
With Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation or PCCF, it is Rosemer Enverga. 
When I attended the PIDC Mabuhay Ball, it was like attending the event for the very first time. Gone are the usual officers we knew closely . Some of them like Rosemer Enverga has left to start a rival organization, the PCCF, along with other members, who either left or “are not with PIDC anymore.” Others are not active anymore like Suzy Llanera and Karen Pascual, who is sort of active.  Karen, wants to spend more time with her family. Who can blame her? Spending time with an organization can sap one’s time and energy. 
As I presented myself to Minda Neri, they looked for my table. Me and another photographer, Ariel Ramos, do not have a table. 
Enter Verth. 
Verth is running back and forth fixing things at the last minute. 
“I’ll find you a table,” Verth says, scurrying away from us. Of course, it was his job being the gala vice-chair. But I think it was more than the job. 
So, I had no doubt he’ll find us one.
And he did. it was a table with just me and Ariel.  By the way, another photgrapher also did not have a table but found one somewhere also. 
With PCCF, you would be forgiven if you mistake Rosemer Enverga as the president.  She is actually the Vice-president. The president is Jimmy Marasigan.
At the Pinoy Fiesta VIP Night, she was the one people approach to ask questions, or for some other reasons. 
When the night is over, she is the one giving orders as to who will get what, who will pick who and so forth. 
I told her she reminds me of my sister who was bossy when each one of her daughters got married. One time, she stopped giving orders. Ironically, nobody also moved and they ended up behind schedule.  
Organizations are lucky to have people like them. 
It makes the job of running smoother and less stressful. 

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