Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Eating - An Excuse to party all Summer / Naku ha sept 2012

Flooding Left and Right
Year in and year out, it always floods in the Philippines. Hindi na na-solve iyang problem na iyan. Politicians always have an excuse. It’s the squatters. It’s the flood equipment. The Philippines is below sea level. The Philippines throw garbage everywhere. Well, why do they not enforce the laws to prevent this problems from growing? If you see a squatter, stop him from building. If you let one build a shanty, another one will build and so forth until dumami na hindi ba? Then, kapag dumami, you make it an issue. In fact, some of the problems are the authorities themselves. There was a law that you cannot build a building beside a river. Guess who builds a 5-story apartment beside it? Pulis daw. I will not say the location of the building.   

Facebook Like 
Just because your facebook friends “like” what you wrote in your wall does not mean they read it. Others were just cajoled into clicking “like” so that they do not have to comment anymore. And others who comment that they love or like it does not mean they agree with it. I asked one person why they clicked like on what somebody wrote on a wall. The person said that when they see each other, the friend says that that he or she does not read the wall. So, instead of giving a coment, the friend just clicked like isntead of commenting even though the friend did not read the posting.  It is the equivalent of saying “oh I see,” when you are face to face with the persona nd then leave it at that. 

Obsession with Food
Apaprently, the reason we have so many celebrations is our way of indulging in the North Amercan pastime - eating.  It has nothing to do with celebrating independence or our culture. It is more to do with indulging in eating and we found an excuse.  It is no big deal. We are just joining our Canadian and American’s   fascination with food. Am I complaining? Of course not. The more festivals, the better. Ano sa palagay ninyo? Hindi ba? 

Famous for 15 Minutes
Some guy is now gettiing his 15 minutes of fame courtesy of a cellphone when he assaulted  a traffic cop in the Philippines.  He allegedly ran a red light. Philip Morris - yes, the international cigarette company - his employer was dragged in the news. The company has suspended him even though he was not doing company duties when he assaulted the traffic policeman. 

PHL lends $1B to Bailout
Is the Philippines acting rich by lending $1B to bailout the rich European countries who find themselves in  a fiscal mess becasue of the generosity of their social programs? Canada’s Prime Minister Harper wisely refused to lend a single cent unless the European countries practice self-control on their generous programs like their pensions. Canada can afford to ignore them. Canada does not rely on the International Monetary Fund on a regular basis. Apparently, the IMF is Euro-centric, meaning controlled pala ito ng mga Europeans. Did the Philippines have a choice? The Philippines keep asking for a loan from the IMF on a regular basis. If we did not contribute, will they loan us again in the future? Baka hindi. 

Reputation Intact
Dolphy died with his reputation intact. He did no get into politics even though he has been asked to run several times. He always answered,” it is easy to run. But what if you win?” The only reputation he kept was that he loved women and took care of them. Does it really matter if he did not get the National Artist of the Philippines award? He made the people laugh and forget their problems and that is all that matters. 

End Debate
Apparently, some pople are complaining that PNoy bullied the House of Representatives to end the debate on the RH bill. Sus ginoo naman. Ten years na yata ang debate na iyan. I think it’s about time to end it and vote on it. 

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