Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fedex Screws Up

Why do they screw up the service that cost you more to pay them?

I bought two items from two different sellers on ebay to be delivered to my friends' sister in Ohio. They are coming here for a debut. They can then bring my packages for me.

One seller sent it regular Fedex to arrive by December 27 to Ohio by 4:30 PM. One seller sent it to arrive also by December 27 by 10:30 AM. I paid extra for this.

The regular one arrived at 8:47 AM. The 10:30 was misdirected and therefore will have to arrive the next day in Ohio. Of course, my friend's sister they will not be there in Ohio, they will be here in Toronto.  And Fedex will not give it to the house beside it who happens to be my friend's sister too because it is a high value item.

So, Fedex will just deliver it again the next three business days.

I know they have a snowstorm advisory in Ohio but the day of the 27th was cloudy. The snowstorm passed the night before. It was not even the weather that stopped them from delivering. If it was nature, I can accept it. But human error in sorting is difficult to accept because you paid extra for that.  If I told the 10:30 AM seller to send it by regular service, I would have both packages already.

If you have a Fedex 10:30 AM package and a regular 4:30 pm package, those packages will arrive separately. They will not add the regular  package to the 10:30 AM package to save gas, time and money. But if you have 10 regular packages going to the same address,  you will receive all 10 packages at the same time.

It sucks.

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