Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Filipinos try to Bring Down Senator Enverga - Naku Ha Dec 2012

CIA director David Petraeus resigned not because of an extramarital affair but because of threat of exposure of the affair. Instead of waiting to be blackmailed, the CIA chief decided to resign and admit to his indiscretion. The threat came from a biographer who was having or had an affair with the CIA director. What kind of world we live in when a mistress cannot even be trusted to keep quiet about an extramarital affair with a powerful man? And what does it say about times we live in when even a powerful man can be blackmailed? This is the reason I did not want to be a CIA chief.  The woman write a a biography of the retired general.  She can either be called a biographer or blackmailer. But biographer sounds more legitimate. Blackmailer sound like a criminal kasi.

Why do some Filipino columnists in Filipino newspapers in Toronto complain that in Canada, you cannot vote for all your leaders? Patama ito kay Senator Tobias Jun Enverga ng ibang columnists. They praise the system in the United States where you can have a say who becomes your leader, meaning they can vote for the “senators.” If Jun was appointed to head something like, the United Way agency, I have a feeling that they will also complain that people who lead agencies in public offices are not voted and that they will complain about that. Basta Pilipino umasenso, they will find something bad. If Mother Theresa was Filipino ans she was appointed to the senate, I know that they will find fault also. Complaining that the grass on the other side is greener is like immigrating to Saudi Arabia and complaining you prefer the democratic system in israel. Well, maybe the grass will be greener on our side of the fence if you will just stop peeing on our grass.

Whatever we call it, it is still called asking for help. We kicked them out because of misplaced nationalism. I am talking about the American naval and air bases in the Philippines. We believed we can make a profitable business out of their bases. Well, we can’t. We never thought we will ahve to defend out country. Now, China is flexing it’s muscles in our territory and we suddenly encourage their warships to dock here as a show of force. Well, not our force but the force of the United States of America. Pa-impress lang naman na susuportahan tayo ng Amerika. Bakit ba ganyan? it is either we can live without them or not. I think it’s time we accept the fact that we need them.

Kailan ba tayo matututo na “if it’s too good to be true, it’s a scam.” A scam happened in the Philippines and the culprits managed to get away. Around 12 billion Pesos was scammed from poor and rich people alike. DILG Secretary addressed the crown in Zamboanga but I do not think they will get their money back. It’s the usual pyramid scheme that Filipinos are familiar with. I take from Pedro to pay Juan who pays Isko...etc...

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