Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Naku ha!

More Holidays in the PHL

There is a proposal to add 10 national holidays to the 18 we currently have. Here in Canada, we only have 11 and Easter Monday is only limited to Government and bank employees. It’s no wonder nobody wants to do business in the Philippines. And they wonder why Shoemart only employs temp for 6 months. And we wonder why our Asian neighbours have posted double digit growth in 25 years since EDSA 1 while we are happy that we grew by 3% last year.

Mutual Admiration Society

Only in the Philippines will one singer feel bad if a certain star does not watch his or her concert. Does it really matter. Apparently Vice Ganda is mad that Sarah geronimo did not watch his concert. Uh, WHY? Is she obligated to watch other singer’s concerts? I have yet to hear Justin Bieber complain that Rihanna did not watch his concert or whatever. Susmaryosep. They should be worried if nobody watched their concert instead of getting mad if one star did not watch it.


Fomer president Gloria Arroyo and her husband are being charged for the long-aborted broadband deal. According to sources the bid was overpriced. Sus ginoo talaga. Hindi talaga matigil ang sore losers sa Pilipinas. It is a good thing that China did not sue us for not proceeding with the project after they won the contract. In fact, after they won the contract, all kinds of accusations were thrown against them. The losing bidder accused government officials of having received bribes from China. The Chinese government just told the Philippine government, “don’t drag us into your circus” and walked away.


In the Philippines, when people are fighting in court, the media releases the details first before the judges even hear them. How? Both defendants and plaintiff start planting stories of their side. If they are just going to fight throught the media, why don’t they save lawyer’s fees and just release their side of the story? Naglolokohan pa sila. Why bother wasting the court’s time and resources when all you need is the media lang pala?


When you read “Filipino business executives have turned more upbeat about the country’s economic prospects...,” it makes you feel good. But it is not news. News is defined as “important or interesting recent happenings. ” Who else but businessmen can be optimistic about economic prospects. It does not change. You don’t read the newspapers and read, “Filipino homeless people are optimistic about economic propects...” Of course, businessmen will be optimistic this year or last year or next year. The poor in the Philippines can only worry about where they are going to get their next meal. For once, I would really like to read “survey says that the poor are optimistic of earning a million Pesos this year.” That will be news. Why? Because it is something out of the ordinary.


According to his coach Freddie Roach, he worries about Manny Pacqiao’s religious conversion. Pacquiao said that he does not think it is right to share God’s word and at the same time, hurt people. Well, good timing. He is 33 years old. What better way to quit than to say you have found religion. Manny Pacquaio got rich by boxing, got richer by endorsing different products. He found politics. Now, he found God, then retirement, in that order. Walang pinagiba sa mga female na mga artista. Stages lang iyan. They start as child stars. Then, become teen star. Afterwards, to keep their popularity they become part of a love team. Then, she takes a serious role when her popularity goes down. Then, to keep herself in the public eye, she takes serious (MEANING TAKING OFF HER CLOTHES) roles. Afterwards, she takes mother roles. Then, they find religion when nobody pays attention to them anymore. In a way, it is a way to keep themselves in the public eye.