Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Naku Ha! - May Issue

Good Timing?
Romy Marquez is now a columnist for Balita Newspaper. Tess Cusipag is the publisher. Romy Marquez praises PCCF’s Pinoy Fiesta  festival of Rosemer Enverga because he had a hard time getting in last year at PIDC’s Mabuhay festival which was run by Minda Neri.  Tess Cusipag hates Rosemer Enverga. Can he keep praising Pinoy Fiesta in his column? Now, he is starting to praise PIDC because Norma Carpio is now the president of PIDC. Is the change in the presidency of PIDC the real reason he is warming up to PIDC or is it because Balita publisher Tess Cusipag hates Rosemer of Pinoy Fiesta? Nevertheless, the turn of events is good timing. If the PIDC presidency did not change, can he warm up to PIDC  without good reason? Hmmm....I assure you readers that this bit of reportage adheres to the lowest form of journalism. It is called gossip. Ehe. What I mean is that, we never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Ehe again. What I mean is, “if the story is good, who cares about the truth?” Sus. Titigil na nga ako.
Instagram selling Nostalgia 
We buy the latest hardware like cameras and smartphones, that takes sharp photos and videos. Then, we get apps that make them look like they were taken by an old camera from the 70’s with films that remind us of that era. Weird, hindi ba?  Remember Kodachrome? The films of our youth had tint of yellow, or green. 

Apple made it Complicated 
Apple computers, which made computing easier to use than Windows pc has now become like pc’s in it’s infancy. They make ipads, ipods and iphones that take pictures but is hard to transfer to laptops. If you want to transfer them while on the road to hard drive, you have to use third party applications with complicated instructions on how to do it.  Anong nangyari sa Apple? 

Car companies go Retro 
The trend with car manufacturers is to resurrect old cars to csell cars. The problem is that they are convincing buyers who are old enough to remember those old cars of yesteryears. The Mustang was a retro car that sold well in the beginning. Now, sales have gone down from last year. Ford is now going to radically redesign the car. The only thing retro about the car is the name. The shape is going to change. When Dodge brought back the Dart, buyers wer expecting the shape from the past. They were disappointed. It bears no resmeblance to the old Dart. Bakit naman kailangan kamukha ng lumang Dart? The shape of the old dart was not really special, hindi ba? 

Dark meat for immigrants 
Mahilig tayong mga Pinoy sa dark meat ng manok. Nang dumating tayo dito sa Canada, mahal ang mga white meat part like breast. Iyong mga hita at paa mas mura. Ngayon, mukhang nagmamahal na ang dark meat ng manok. Sa US, food processors are now producing more dark meat and the prices ng white and dark meat is pareho na. One of the reason daw is dahil sa mga immigrants who prefer the dark meat ng manok dahil malasa. Totoo naman, hindi ba? 

Internet facts needs real-life legwork 
Some students of journalism today think that the internet is the answer to everything. If the watergate scandal happened today, a lot of information will be found on the internet. But are they credible? Siymepre, kailangan pa rin ng investigation in real life. You need to spend time and effort going to the people to ask them first hand for the information. Nowadays, everybody believes it just because their facebook friend “shared” the information. But the information is still not verified. When reporter and professor  Robert Woodward was surprised when Yale students said they will cover the Watergate scandal solely through the internet. Woodward was one of the two Washington post reporters, along with Carl Bernstein, who broke the Watergate story in the early 1970’s. 

NEWS - European Ban on Au Pairs Lifted 
A new market for nannies is a cause for celebration for the Philippine government.  Am I the only one who wonders why a new market for nannies is not something we should be proud about? There is something wrong with this picture. Yet, we complain when other countries call us a nation of maids. What makes it ironic is that we are the only country on earth that has government agencies - more than one - dedicated to sending Filipinos aborad to work. Not even countries poorer than us, like Bangladesh makes it official to send people abroad to work. 

Noynoying in Manila
We now have a new term for not doing anything. Yes, noynoying is that word. The problem with this term is that it refers to not doing anything to a problem that cannot be solved. Here in Canada, we are used to gasoling prices that goes up on a daily basis. You do not see people demanding a raise. Gas prices is not something that can be controlled. For the Philippines, that is something they cannot afford to do. It is equivalent to subsidizing the price of oil. Once you do that, it is politically impossible to get out of it again. 

Face-Saving gestures
China is trespassing on Philippine sovereignty. They keep getting closer and closer to out territory. How does one tell China to back off without them losing face? To the Chinese, saving face is very important. Not so much sa ating mga Pilipino. We have no more face to save. commentator said if both withdraw at the same time, it will save face for both countries. I agree. But you go first. Ehe, ano ba ito. Same time nga ang sabi. 

 It Pays to Eat Healthy
When TFC had a despedida luncehon for Congen Pedro Chan, nabaggit niya na Hermie Garcia and wife Mila were the ones who introduced him to vegetarian eating. When he went to his doctor for a check-up, nagulat daw ang doktor niya na bumaba ang cholesterol niya. I think it pays to eat healthy in our day to day life. Kasi when you go to Filipino events, you will not be eating healthy. That way, balance ang pagkain mo. You eat healthy on a regular basis. Pero when you go to parties, you don’t look like somebody na aasikasuhiun pa ng host dahil walang vegetables.