Friday, December 28, 2012

Overpopulation is Good for Filipinos

I am not sure if the bishop meant this as satire, parody or a serious, straight-forward article.

Overpopulation good for Filipinos, says bishop

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Bishop Gilbert Garcera of the Diocese of Daet. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/CBCP website
NAGA CITY—Bishop Gilbert Garcera of the Diocese of Daet, the capital of  Camarines Norte, believes overpopulation has been advantageous to the  Philippines and to the world because it has increased the number of  overseas workers and migrants who could send remittances back home while  taking care of ageing people abroad and spreading the Christian faith.
Contrary to the aims of the reproductive health (RH) bill, Garcera said the huge Philippine population could be part of “God’s plan for Filipinos to be caregivers to ageing nations whose populations had become stagnant.”
He also said many Filipino women would make “good wives” for foreigners in countries that have low population growth.
Garcera said many countries such as Germany and the United States had a stable but ageing population that would need people to take care of them, and that purpose could be served by Filipinos.
“Filipinos have a big mission to the world. Every Filipino child born is a blessing to the world. Let’s look at the increase in our population in a more comprehensive sense,” the 53-year-old prelate told the Inquirer in an interview at an orphanage in this city that he visited on Thursday.
In light of the Christian faith, Garcera said, the big number of Filipinos should not be seen as a problem but as an opportunity to help other people in the world.
“Filipinos have a duty to take care of them,” he said.
He said that the overpopulation that breeds poverty was not a problem because poverty itself was not a problem.
He said poverty even brought people “closer” to God and was instrumental in realizing God’s plan for Filipinos to take care of other nationalities by inducing migration and working abroad.
Economically, he said, the country also benefits from the “mission” because the migrants and overseas Filipino workers send back money from working as caregivers.
“When you help poor people they help themselves too. This is the reason we have so many pedicab drivers, for instance. Everyone, when given the chance, will strive to earn a living,” he said.
In fact, he said, poor people were more willing to help compared to the rich. Hence, a poor person was not a problem, he said.
“We should stop looking at poor people as a problem,” he added.
He said the diaspora of Filipinos was also a way to spread the Christian faith.
“There was this story of a babysitter in Dubai who started singing the Ama  Namin (Our Father) as a lullaby to the Arab baby she was caring for. The Islamic parents of the child found the song too good that they started learning it, without knowing that it was a Christian prayer,” he said.
He said there would come a time when nations that have decreasing populations would rely on the care of Filipinos.
He said the problem in the country was neither overpopulation nor poverty but corruption and the unequal distribution of wealth.
He admitted though that not all provisions of the RH bill were bad, but he also believed there were some proponents and supporters of the bill who “were against human nature and against what God wants.”

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fedex Screws Up

Why do they screw up the service that cost you more to pay them?

I bought two items from two different sellers on ebay to be delivered to my friends' sister in Ohio. They are coming here for a debut. They can then bring my packages for me.

One seller sent it regular Fedex to arrive by December 27 to Ohio by 4:30 PM. One seller sent it to arrive also by December 27 by 10:30 AM. I paid extra for this.

The regular one arrived at 8:47 AM. The 10:30 was misdirected and therefore will have to arrive the next day in Ohio. Of course, my friend's sister they will not be there in Ohio, they will be here in Toronto.  And Fedex will not give it to the house beside it who happens to be my friend's sister too because it is a high value item.

So, Fedex will just deliver it again the next three business days.

I know they have a snowstorm advisory in Ohio but the day of the 27th was cloudy. The snowstorm passed the night before. It was not even the weather that stopped them from delivering. If it was nature, I can accept it. But human error in sorting is difficult to accept because you paid extra for that.  If I told the 10:30 AM seller to send it by regular service, I would have both packages already.

If you have a Fedex 10:30 AM package and a regular 4:30 pm package, those packages will arrive separately. They will not add the regular  package to the 10:30 AM package to save gas, time and money. But if you have 10 regular packages going to the same address,  you will receive all 10 packages at the same time.

It sucks.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Filipinos try to Bring Down Senator Enverga - Naku Ha Dec 2012

CIA director David Petraeus resigned not because of an extramarital affair but because of threat of exposure of the affair. Instead of waiting to be blackmailed, the CIA chief decided to resign and admit to his indiscretion. The threat came from a biographer who was having or had an affair with the CIA director. What kind of world we live in when a mistress cannot even be trusted to keep quiet about an extramarital affair with a powerful man? And what does it say about times we live in when even a powerful man can be blackmailed? This is the reason I did not want to be a CIA chief.  The woman write a a biography of the retired general.  She can either be called a biographer or blackmailer. But biographer sounds more legitimate. Blackmailer sound like a criminal kasi.

Why do some Filipino columnists in Filipino newspapers in Toronto complain that in Canada, you cannot vote for all your leaders? Patama ito kay Senator Tobias Jun Enverga ng ibang columnists. They praise the system in the United States where you can have a say who becomes your leader, meaning they can vote for the “senators.” If Jun was appointed to head something like, the United Way agency, I have a feeling that they will also complain that people who lead agencies in public offices are not voted and that they will complain about that. Basta Pilipino umasenso, they will find something bad. If Mother Theresa was Filipino ans she was appointed to the senate, I know that they will find fault also. Complaining that the grass on the other side is greener is like immigrating to Saudi Arabia and complaining you prefer the democratic system in israel. Well, maybe the grass will be greener on our side of the fence if you will just stop peeing on our grass.

Whatever we call it, it is still called asking for help. We kicked them out because of misplaced nationalism. I am talking about the American naval and air bases in the Philippines. We believed we can make a profitable business out of their bases. Well, we can’t. We never thought we will ahve to defend out country. Now, China is flexing it’s muscles in our territory and we suddenly encourage their warships to dock here as a show of force. Well, not our force but the force of the United States of America. Pa-impress lang naman na susuportahan tayo ng Amerika. Bakit ba ganyan? it is either we can live without them or not. I think it’s time we accept the fact that we need them.

Kailan ba tayo matututo na “if it’s too good to be true, it’s a scam.” A scam happened in the Philippines and the culprits managed to get away. Around 12 billion Pesos was scammed from poor and rich people alike. DILG Secretary addressed the crown in Zamboanga but I do not think they will get their money back. It’s the usual pyramid scheme that Filipinos are familiar with. I take from Pedro to pay Juan who pays Isko...etc...

Waiting for a Miley Cyrus Sex Tape - Naku ha Nov 2012


 There is a link in facebook where you put the address in fb so you can watch the video. I did not do it. Baka virus lang iyon. Besides, kung totoo nga na may sex tape si Miley Cyrus, I am sure it is only a matter of time bago maglabasan sa dvd iyan. Hihintayin ko na lang kung sino magbebenta ng dvd for $2.

Hanoi (dpa) --- Doctors in Ho Chin Minh City successfully reattached a man’s penis after he cut it off to demonstrate his faithfulness to his wife, a surgeon said. The 44-year-old patient was admitted after severing his own penis to refute allegations by his wife that he was having an affair. Bakit hindi na lang niya niyari on the spot ang asawa niya to prove na horny pa siya hindi pa siya yumayari ng iba? Hindi ba mas masarap pa iyon gawin kesa putulin pa niya ang crown jewels niya?

I recently did a long drive to Brooklyn New York with two friends. I used my YADA GPS na binili ko from Factorydirect. Mura kasi. $59. OK nang papunta kami doon. Kapag malapit ka nang lumiko, magsasalita na siya from 3km. “Turn right at 3km. Turn right in 2 km...” and so forth. may ginamit kasi ako noon na GPS, na magsasalita lang kapag nasa corner ka na kaya kailangan mabagal ka. So, akala ko ok itong gamit namin. Pero nang pauwi na kami, sus ginoo. Nagkamali ako ng liko sa New York, tapos hindi na nagsalita. Nakalagay lang sa screen “Go to route.” Ang problema hindi namin alam kung nasaan kami. Eventually, gumana rin. Then, naligaw kami sa New Jersey naman. Pinaliliko kami sa kanan sa Richard Street. Ang problema, wala namang Richard street. Eventually, gumana uli. OK na sana. Pero nang magbayad kami sa toll booth, paglabas, nawala uli. Napalabas tuloy kami uli ng Highway. Eventually, nakabalik din kami.  By then, we relied on road signs na. Iyong YADA GPS kasi, sinasabi, “continue on HWY 403.” Nasa US side pa kami, hwy 403 na siya. Do not buy YADA GPS from factorydirect. 

Malaki siguro kita nang mga nangongolekta sa toll booth sa US. Iyong isang stretch ng highway, dumaan kami sa toll booth. Binigyan kami ng card. Pagdating sa kabilang tollgate, binigyan ko ng $20 iyong collector. Doon sa screen lumabas na $6.50 ang toll. Binigyan niya ako ng sukli. Parang nakita ko na nga na $8.50 ang sukli niya pero nasa isip ko baka
dalawang $5.00 bills ang nandoon. Nang bilangin ng kasama ko, $8.50 lang ang sinukli sa akin ng walanghiya. Naisip ko tuloy ang laki siguro ng kita ng mga collector diya sa mga tollgate na iyan. Ilan ba naman sa mga driver ang magde-delay ng linya para bilangin ang pera na sinukli sa kanila? Pag umabante ka na, aatras ka pa ba? 

According to the Wall Street Journal, those who line up for sales are not getting a good deal at all. Lalo na ngayong November 23 sa USA, where it is the start of the sale sa US. People line up starting at 12 midnight the night before so they can be the first in the store when it opens at 6, or even 5 am Friday. Based sa study nila, you get better deals at other times of the year. Mas mababa pa price. Hindi ka pa pipila nang magdamag. 
In the history of this Black Friday, two employees have died in separate incidents on different stores because customers trampled on them when they opened the doors. Some customers have resorted to bringing pepper spray to use on other customers.  Makikipag-labanan ka ba sa ibang customers na handang makipag-away para lang sa sale na microwave? Susunod niya, mga customers na magbabarilan. Sobra namang sale iyan. Half Price lang, you might pay the price with your life pa. Huwag na lang. 

Eating - An Excuse to party all Summer / Naku ha sept 2012

Flooding Left and Right
Year in and year out, it always floods in the Philippines. Hindi na na-solve iyang problem na iyan. Politicians always have an excuse. It’s the squatters. It’s the flood equipment. The Philippines is below sea level. The Philippines throw garbage everywhere. Well, why do they not enforce the laws to prevent this problems from growing? If you see a squatter, stop him from building. If you let one build a shanty, another one will build and so forth until dumami na hindi ba? Then, kapag dumami, you make it an issue. In fact, some of the problems are the authorities themselves. There was a law that you cannot build a building beside a river. Guess who builds a 5-story apartment beside it? Pulis daw. I will not say the location of the building.   

Facebook Like 
Just because your facebook friends “like” what you wrote in your wall does not mean they read it. Others were just cajoled into clicking “like” so that they do not have to comment anymore. And others who comment that they love or like it does not mean they agree with it. I asked one person why they clicked like on what somebody wrote on a wall. The person said that when they see each other, the friend says that that he or she does not read the wall. So, instead of giving a coment, the friend just clicked like isntead of commenting even though the friend did not read the posting.  It is the equivalent of saying “oh I see,” when you are face to face with the persona nd then leave it at that. 

Obsession with Food
Apaprently, the reason we have so many celebrations is our way of indulging in the North Amercan pastime - eating.  It has nothing to do with celebrating independence or our culture. It is more to do with indulging in eating and we found an excuse.  It is no big deal. We are just joining our Canadian and American’s   fascination with food. Am I complaining? Of course not. The more festivals, the better. Ano sa palagay ninyo? Hindi ba? 

Famous for 15 Minutes
Some guy is now gettiing his 15 minutes of fame courtesy of a cellphone when he assaulted  a traffic cop in the Philippines.  He allegedly ran a red light. Philip Morris - yes, the international cigarette company - his employer was dragged in the news. The company has suspended him even though he was not doing company duties when he assaulted the traffic policeman. 

PHL lends $1B to Bailout
Is the Philippines acting rich by lending $1B to bailout the rich European countries who find themselves in  a fiscal mess becasue of the generosity of their social programs? Canada’s Prime Minister Harper wisely refused to lend a single cent unless the European countries practice self-control on their generous programs like their pensions. Canada can afford to ignore them. Canada does not rely on the International Monetary Fund on a regular basis. Apparently, the IMF is Euro-centric, meaning controlled pala ito ng mga Europeans. Did the Philippines have a choice? The Philippines keep asking for a loan from the IMF on a regular basis. If we did not contribute, will they loan us again in the future? Baka hindi. 

Reputation Intact
Dolphy died with his reputation intact. He did no get into politics even though he has been asked to run several times. He always answered,” it is easy to run. But what if you win?” The only reputation he kept was that he loved women and took care of them. Does it really matter if he did not get the National Artist of the Philippines award? He made the people laugh and forget their problems and that is all that matters. 

End Debate
Apparently, some pople are complaining that PNoy bullied the House of Representatives to end the debate on the RH bill. Sus ginoo naman. Ten years na yata ang debate na iyan. I think it’s about time to end it and vote on it. 

It's Not easy being a George Clooney look-alike - Naku Ha August 2012

It’s not Easy being a 
George Clooney Look-alike. 
You get Mistaken for Being Gay. 
Not that there’s Anything Wrong with It.

Accused of being gay by a Balita stringer, I became head of security for the beauties of PCCF. I assured the parents that their daughters are safe with me - ALONE.  In this photo, I pose with Miss Philippines Canada 2012 runner-up Christal Bautista and titlist Alev Usta. Now, readers, don’t I look like George Clooney? :D :D :D

Sue Here, Sue there
Apparently, there is alot of suing going on. Balita is suing Manila Media Monitor for libel. When Rosemer threatened to sue, Columnist Tenny Soriano of Balita asked if Rosemer was just being onion-skinned. Ano naman kaya ang reason dito para idemanda ng Balita and Monitor? Onion-skin din kaya? Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

 I am Gay?
Apparently, Balita stringer Romy Marquez has insinuated that I am gay. He also points out that I always photograph  raunchy pictures in this newspaper and warns parents of their daughters about me taking the photos. I have no idea what raunchy pictures he was talking about until I figured out that he was referring to the bikini shots of Philippine actresses. Sus Ginoo. Oh, I cannot talk like that also dahil apparently, saying “ehe, susmaryosep, and others” is gay-talk.  He also warns parents with daughters about me. If I am gay, why will parents of daughters have to worry about me? Since I  am gay, parents, your daughters are safe with me - ALONE. What do you think, readers? For the record, I am not. But according to the Seinfeld TV show, not that there’s anything wrong with it. 

Admit or Not
If you complain that you are not gay, you get cornered from all sides by some asking if you are insulted. If not, why complain, they will say. If yes, then, you get into deeper hole why you find being gay insulting.  I’ll just admit I’m gay kaya. Or should I do a George Clooney and say I don’t give a shit. 

The Company You Keep
Apparently, you are judged by the company you keep. If you are with a guy most of the time, you two are partners, therefore, gay. If you are with a woman always, like George Clooney, you are just using that as a cover and therefore, gay. If you dump a hot woman like Jennifer Aniston, you are gay. So Brad Pitt is gay. But he went with Angelina Jolie. Isn’t she bisexual? 

No Company to keep
What if you do not have a company - man or woman - to keep like me and Romy Marquez? Well, this is the reason we both must have a camera in our hands all the time. With no man or woman to keep us company, you’ll never know where those hands will lead to. dirty minds. I mean, it might lead to cigarettes, which will lead to a lighter, which will lead to smoking, which is unhealthy, and might lead to cancer. Kayo ha! What were you thinking?
Irony of Being Straight
For years, women have fantasized about CNN reporter Anderson Cooper even if some already felt he was gay. Now that he admitted it, I get the crazy feeling that some women are still fantasizing about him. The ironic thing is, I am straight and nobody is fantasizing about me. Ehe. Ano ba itong nasabi ko? Maybe, if I admit I am gay, there will at least be one woman who will fantasize about me. I can only hope.