Friday, March 1, 2013

Nude Mail in Halifax - Naku Ha Feb 2013

Free Trip for Beauty Pageant Winners -ONLY

Just remember that the free trip is for the winner only. If the winner is 18 years old or older, then, she can go alone if she is brave enough. But nowadays, most of the winners in pageants in the Filipino community in Toronto are underage. That means, the parents have to buy their own tickets to accompany them. This is just a reminder to pageant contestants and parents so nobody will be disappointed. Then, sometimes, if you ask for the free trip after 12 months of no trip being awarded yet, the organizer will tell you to call the sponsor travel agency yourself. Ano ba iyan? Nagtuturuan na. 

PAGING SENATOR ENVERGA - Nude Mail delivered in Halifax
Some Halifax residents are expressing shock over receiving an advertisement displaying full-frontal nudity in their mailbox. The ad wasn’t in an envelope and it wasn’t sealed. Now Canada Post admits it should never have been delivered. “I would think it should be sealed with a warning on it, if nothing else,” says one area resident. 
This is really shocking. What is more shocking to me is why this kind of mail is not delivered here in Toronto.   I have been expecting this kind of mail in the mailbox since I arrived here in Canada and in my 26 years here in Canada, it has never happened to me. Now, a nude mail has happened in Halifax are shocked. Shocked!!! I am envious why I do not get  that kind of mail. I will protest with Canada Post. I will write to my MP and my MPP. I will write to my our first Filipino senator in Canada, senator Jun “Tobias” Enverga and demand why I do not receive that kind of mail and what he intends to do about it.  Why residents of Halifax get this mail and not me is unacceptable. 

Exclusive na, may Management Contract pa
How much do Philippine TV networks charge for managing the talents that are already under contract with their studio? I do not understand this. If the talent is already under contract to them, why have a management contract also? The contract states how much the talent is going to be paid already, so why have a management contract also on top of the exclusivity contract? Here in North America, the talent agencies are limited to charging 10% of the talent fee. And there is no studio system anymore. But in the Philippines, they do not specify how much is that. We do not even know if the talent even receives 90% of their fee. Kasi nga, may management contract pa. At hindi natin alam kung magkano ang management contract na iyon. Baka 10% or 5% lang ang natitira sa talent. Hindi kaya?

Wardrobe Malfunction
Janet Jackson had her wardrobe malfunction when her top snapped exposing her breasts. Now, Lady gaga had her wardrobe malfunction and her butt got exposed.  Only one part has not had a wardrobe malfunction. 
But, will it be a man or a woman?

Gawad Kalinga is registered as Canadian Charity I just found out that Gawad Kalinga is registered as a Canadian Charitable organization under the rules of the Canadian Revenue Agency. I decided to check the other big organizations ng mga Pilipino and found out that none of them are registered. Huh! Here is the link - - if you want to check if the organization is registered as a charity here in Canada. 

Pinoy News' Warren D'aoust, Gawad Kalinga's Pidoy and Ting Pacis, pose for a pictuyre at the typhoon Pablo fundraiser.

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