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More Sex Scenes for the Philippine Market - November 2013

More Sex Scenes for the Philippine Market

“On the Job” is a Filipino well-produced, film-noir style action movie with complicated storyline to be told here. 

“‘On the Job’ or OTJ is simply a well-packaged, crime thriller with a clever idea, and doesn’t pretend to be anything more. Its high-up villains are standard politicians, and its heroes and killers are street-level types who operate in a separate universe. For local release, the film will have minor changes, including the addition of another sex scene.” Iyan ang isa sa mga review sa internet ng pelikula na “OTJ” starring Piolo Pascual and Gerald Anderson.
There are only two kinds of movies that make money in the Philippines - romantic comedies and...Oh, iyon lang pala.  So, I guess, for action movies, you have to add a more torried love scene. The sex scene between Gerald Anderson and Dawn Jimenez is not explicit enough. For the sake of the Philippine audiences, I hope the additional sex scene is not between the male prisoners.  

Freddie’s lovelife is his business
Philippine singer Freddie Aguilar, 60 has a 16-year old girlfriend. To borrow from Casablanca, “it doesn’t take much to see that the affairs of two little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.” So, this is the lead story on all media for the next couple of days. God help Freddie that politicians and bureaucrats of every side do not take this as their pet cause to get away from the heat of their own corruption and incompetence. What happened to Zamboanga? Bohol earthquake? Iyong pera na para sa Bohol, sigurado, mas marami ang mananakaw ngayon dahil lahat kay Freddie nakatingin. Lucky are the thieves in government now that everyone is paying attention to Freddie.

Reaction is 100% Against the affair?
Everybody is shocked that Freddie is dating a 16 year old girl, if you base your impression on the media. But if you agree with his relationship, or even do not care, you cannot or will not say so dahil you will be crucified by the people who condemn the relationship. And some are calling for him to be charged with statutory rape. Let us put this in perspective. Nobody has said  they are having sex. She has not. He has not. So, why are so many “anonymous morally upstanding netizens” shouting “statutory?” Granted he has said he wants children, he has not said they have had sex yet.  Whether it is true or not is irrelevant.  They may have already or not. If Freddie or the girl says they have, they can be charged. However, what if they get to court and both deny that have have had sex, then the case crumbles and all the time and money wasted. It is not enough for them to  ay they have had sex to the media. For titillation purposes lang iyan. What counts is what they say when they get in the courtroom.  That is what the judge will base it on. At least that is how it works here in Canada and United States. 

Pick another case, DSWD
Kung ako ang Department of Social Welfare & Development, this is not worth the time and money. The DSWD is going to interview the parents if they have the consent for the relationship. Sinabi na sa tv, sa radio, sa print media na may consent ang parents. Bakit gagawin pa nila iyon kung ginawa na ng media? It only means they want attention, not conviction. It also means they have cases that they cannot win kaya they want the attention somewhere. DSWD should have stayed away from this showbiz case. You have cases of children being raped and murdered and you cannot even solve those. Leave this to the netizens who do not count anyway.  What about the child molestaion cases of the priests? Why do they not tackle those? What about the welfare of the people in Bohol and Zamboanga? The netizens think they represent the majority when they do not. Why do you think Nancy Binay won despite the put-down she received from the netizens? 

Relationship is Consensual 
The girl consented and the parents ok’d it. Let us leave it at that. Solve cases like rape, murder, kidnapping, robbery and other despicable cases. This Freddie-girlfriend is not a case to be solved. It is just an issue for our prurient fascination and our willingness to show off our high moral standards, if we have any. Nothing more. 

Enrile’s Ploy 
Senator Defensor Santiago accused Enrile of paying the MNLF around 40M Pesos to attack Zamboanga to distract the attention of the gov’t investigation about their mis-use of Pork barrel funds. If that is true, I think this is a cheaper distraction. Wala pang namatay.

No More Self-Respect
PNOY goes to Soth Korea and gets $300,000 for relief effort. Embarrassing na nga. Ang sabi minsan ng tito ko who used to work in Thailand, that the Thais are ashamed to ask for help even after calamity like a tsunami. Tayo, para bang expected na natin na tutulungan tayo and we are not ashamed to ask for help. Hay Dios mio.  Whatever happened to our self-respect and pride? Nowadays, we take pride when countries end us millions of dollars in aid instead of getting embarrassed. How did it come to this? 

Dennis Trillo deny Involvement In Luis-Jennylyn & Derek-Cristine splits
Don’t look at me, wala rin akong kinalaman diyan. Me and Maja and Jennylyn are just friends. Ehe ano ba ito?   

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