Saturday, November 2, 2013

Disappearing Fees for Performers for Taste of Asia in Markham - Bato Bato November 2013

Democracy is for the West only
Libertarian Republican Sen. Rand Paul said any US involvement in Syria is a mistake. “I think the war may escalate out of control and then we have to ask ourselves who is on America’s side over there,” Paul said. “If the rebels win, will they be America’s ally?” Look what happened to Egypt. When Morsi came into power in Egypt,  it became open season  for killing Christians.  When Saddam Hussein was running Iraq, the Christians were protected. Now, everyone is killling everyone with no one in control. Will Syria end up like Iraq? If it does,  the PHL will lose another OFW destination.  Everybody in the West like democracy because it works. Unfortunately, they assume that the Middle East wants it too and that it will work there too. Sadly, the only real democracy in the Middle East is Israel. 

More Sex for Filipinos
“On the Job” is a Filipino well-produced, film-noir style action movie with complicated storyline to be told here. 
“‘On the Job’ or OTJ is simply a well-packaged, crime thriller with a clever idea, and doesn’t pretend to be anything more. Its high-up villains are standard politicians, and its heroes and killers are street-level types who operate in a separate universe. For local release, the film will have minor changes, including the addition of another sex scene.” Iyan ang isa sa mga review sa internet ng pelikula na “OTJ” starring Piolo Pascual and Gerald Anderson.
There are only two kinds of movies that make money in the Philippines - romantic comedies and...Oh, iyon lang pala.  So, I guess, for action movies, you have to add a more torried love scene. The sex scene between Gerald Anderson and Dawn Jimenez is not explicit enough. For the sake of the Philippine audiences, I hope the additional sex scene is not between the male prisoners.  

Taste of Asia, Philippines Nibbles
The Taste of Asia is actually a Taste of China, with majority of attendees and vendors are from the Chinese community. The Philippines has separate section at the back.  It could have been a separate festival for Filipinos if only it was marketed as such. Instead, the only advertising we see were for some band called Introvoys and tickets were being sold for $10.00. How can you sell tickets when the show is out on the open area? When I got there, the tickets were for an enclosed space where people can seat but is still visible to everyone. So, in short, whoever were selling the tickets were charging people $10.00 for a seat. The only problem was that the Filipinos prefer to sit under the trees, not under the sun. Why then was there so many advertising for an unheard of band called Introvoys in what could have been a festival for filipinos withing a festival? Hmmm....

Where did the honorarium go?
I accompanied Maria Panaligan who was one of the singers of the festival. Her mother Genelie said that there was an honorarium paid to performers. Honorarium meaning payment, It is not a "full" talent fee. It is a small amount given to performers. It is like a gasoline money. According to Genelie, they were not paid because we left early. Well, why did they not send the payment? However, I asked Ed Joaquin about the honorarium and he said nobody gets paid. The Chinese even have a musical group who has a recording contract in China who performed for free. That is nice. But I think they are performing as part of their contract to promote their group and their music so it will sell. This brings more questions. Josie de Leon School for Performing Arts was paid $150, according to Mark, which they divided among their students who performed. So, is there an honorarium or not? Why did Genelie get a reply that our early departure was the reason they did not get paid and why was JDLSPA get the $150 if there is no honorarium? If there is, where is the one for Maria Panaligan? Or do they only pay who they want? Who does the paying? 

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