Friday, March 1, 2013

Nude Mail in Halifax - Naku Ha Feb 2013

Free Trip for Beauty Pageant Winners -ONLY

Just remember that the free trip is for the winner only. If the winner is 18 years old or older, then, she can go alone if she is brave enough. But nowadays, most of the winners in pageants in the Filipino community in Toronto are underage. That means, the parents have to buy their own tickets to accompany them. This is just a reminder to pageant contestants and parents so nobody will be disappointed. Then, sometimes, if you ask for the free trip after 12 months of no trip being awarded yet, the organizer will tell you to call the sponsor travel agency yourself. Ano ba iyan? Nagtuturuan na. 

PAGING SENATOR ENVERGA - Nude Mail delivered in Halifax
Some Halifax residents are expressing shock over receiving an advertisement displaying full-frontal nudity in their mailbox. The ad wasn’t in an envelope and it wasn’t sealed. Now Canada Post admits it should never have been delivered. “I would think it should be sealed with a warning on it, if nothing else,” says one area resident. 
This is really shocking. What is more shocking to me is why this kind of mail is not delivered here in Toronto.   I have been expecting this kind of mail in the mailbox since I arrived here in Canada and in my 26 years here in Canada, it has never happened to me. Now, a nude mail has happened in Halifax are shocked. Shocked!!! I am envious why I do not get  that kind of mail. I will protest with Canada Post. I will write to my MP and my MPP. I will write to my our first Filipino senator in Canada, senator Jun “Tobias” Enverga and demand why I do not receive that kind of mail and what he intends to do about it.  Why residents of Halifax get this mail and not me is unacceptable. 

Exclusive na, may Management Contract pa
How much do Philippine TV networks charge for managing the talents that are already under contract with their studio? I do not understand this. If the talent is already under contract to them, why have a management contract also? The contract states how much the talent is going to be paid already, so why have a management contract also on top of the exclusivity contract? Here in North America, the talent agencies are limited to charging 10% of the talent fee. And there is no studio system anymore. But in the Philippines, they do not specify how much is that. We do not even know if the talent even receives 90% of their fee. Kasi nga, may management contract pa. At hindi natin alam kung magkano ang management contract na iyon. Baka 10% or 5% lang ang natitira sa talent. Hindi kaya?

Wardrobe Malfunction
Janet Jackson had her wardrobe malfunction when her top snapped exposing her breasts. Now, Lady gaga had her wardrobe malfunction and her butt got exposed.  Only one part has not had a wardrobe malfunction. 
But, will it be a man or a woman?

Gawad Kalinga is registered as Canadian Charity I just found out that Gawad Kalinga is registered as a Canadian Charitable organization under the rules of the Canadian Revenue Agency. I decided to check the other big organizations ng mga Pilipino and found out that none of them are registered. Huh! Here is the link - - if you want to check if the organization is registered as a charity here in Canada. 

Pinoy News' Warren D'aoust, Gawad Kalinga's Pidoy and Ting Pacis, pose for a pictuyre at the typhoon Pablo fundraiser.

Bad Haircut becomes Good haircut in A Week for Guys - Naku Ha Jan 2013

My vacation last December started on the 14th. I decided to do a haircut myself so that it has time to recover kung pumalpak man. I bought a clipper with those attachments. Pumalpak na nga. I cut one side too short. So, I had to cut the other side short too. I ended up with a bad haircut. Apparently, some say the difference between a bad haircut and a good one is two weeks. One said 3 days.  My friend said one week. It also depends on who sees it. Those who do not know you will not pay attention and will probably think it’s one of those weid haircuts. Those who see you often will say it’s bad. So, in short, it depends on the number of days, or the people who see it. 

Why are there a few armchair critics of political appointees? I am sure they are referring to the appointment of senator Jun Enverga to the Canadian senate even if they do not say so? Why are they getting “apoplectic” just because a Filipino got appointed, and not elected? Is an appointee less qualified than an elected one? They say that in an election, if the candidate you voted for got elected, you are happy because he or she was your choice. I beg to disagree, in an election, you vote to whoever are the candidates whether you like any of them or not. That is not much different from an appointee. They say that an elected person deserved the position because it was the choice of the people. Kalokohan. The person elected might not even make a good official. In an election, your choices for office are the persons who have the money and time to spend campaigning. The campaign period is probably mga two months lang. After that, the losers are never heard of again. Kahit iyong nanalo, hindi mo na maririnig o makikita uli kundi next election na. Sa appointee, a person must be active in the community week after week, year after year.   Iyong appointed, they worked hard for years.  For example, Senator Jun Enverga was already active in the community since I started my newspaper in 1999. Hindi naman siya naging active nang biglang nanalo ang mga Conservatives. So, I do not see what is the big deal. 
And as I have said before, PM Harper appointed 5 senators to pass the bill making the senate and elected body. These so-called armchair critics do not want to check the facts from other sources. The sitting senators do not want to pass the bill making the senate an elected body. And thses includes fellow conservatives in the senate. So, for him to pass the bill, he appointed 5 who will pass the bill. So, when the senate becomes an elected body, those who become excited that they can elect everyone can get super excited na. I have no idea why they said they will get excited just becasue they get to vote. Me? I’ll get excited when I win the lottery. 

It seems that every Minda, Ace and Rosemer is getting a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Any day now, I am expecting a letter to arrive announcing that I am one of the recipients of this medal.   There are 60,000 Canadian recipients of this medal. Baka sakaling magkamali iyong gumagawa ng listahan, masali ang pangalan ko, magiging recipient ako.

This is the month when the price of a particular service goes up - gym membership. I have a feeling you will not get a Livingsocial or Groupon deal for gym or health clubs for the month of January. This is the time when they will take advantage of your over-indulgence from the Christmas season when food was all over the place and parties were happening all the time and you did not refuse either one. Gyms and health clubs will make you sign for a 12-month contract knowing you will only last for 12 days anyway. Don’t sign up. After the holidays, you will eat less starting this month anyway and and your weight will go back down. 

Boxer and Congressman Manny Pacquiao showed class and grace by accepting his defeat against his Mexican opponent Juan Manuel Marquez. He did not give any excuses but rather accepted his fate. he said that in the world of boxing, there is a tiome for winning and a time of losing. “Hindi lahat ng panahon, panalo ka.” Now, if only some Filipino politicians can act with such grace, class and dignity in whether in defeat or victory, we wouldn’t have so much violence in the country. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for 2 members of his entourage who attacked a photographer just for doing his job. 

Justin Bieber made fun of Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao that earned the ire of a lot of Filipino netizens. Let’s not make a big deal. We cannot expect the world to be all fans of Pacquiao. I am sure there are some Filipinos who are not fans of Pacquiao also. Our lives does not revolve around people like Justin Bieber and Manny Pacquiao or who their fans are.  It’s good entertainment but let’s not get carried away.

Sus ginoo. May dalawa akong item na binili ko sa ebay sa US from two different sellers. Nagbayad ako ng mahal sa Fedex delivery para dumating sa December 27 by 10AM sa isa. Iyong isa regular lang to arrive ng December 27 din.  Iyong regular pa ang dumating ng 8:47 AM ng umaga. Iyong mahal na service, na misdirect na, delayed pa ng isang araw. Magre-receive kasi isang relative ng kaibigan ko doon na pupunta dito para sa debut. Hay buhay, parang life. 

Sa Pilipinas, na-postpone daw ang concert ni Psy of Gangnam fame. The new date will be this Febnruary 2013. Besides, they were promoting a fad that is on it’s way down. I think the novelty has worn off. But I am sure we be seeing this dance number as a regular in all Filipino events now, like “achy-breaky heart.” But to pay to watch it as a concert, I don’t think so. Of course, if we have Philippine artistas who will come to Toronto and dance it, the audience will still shriek to their heart’s delight. Psy admitted it himself that he has to write a new single. 

Cardinal Tagle elected Pope - Naku ha March 2013

The Next Pope is a Filipino

I never put much thought about the chances of a Filipino becoming a pope in my lifetime. But a Macleans issue changed all that. Of course, the article in Macleans was championing Cardinal Marc Ouellet, who is Canadian. However, there is something in the layout of all the papal contenders that got my attention. I do not know how or why but the photo of Filipino Cardinal Tagle and the caption “once too young to be considered, the Church’s rising Asian star has suddenly become a dark horse possibility” got my attention. Let me make this clear. I cannot tell the future. Otherwise, I would not have gotten a traffic ticket last February 19. I have as much accuracy in my prediction as those who make a living as Psychics telling you that you are going to get rich while they themselves live in run-down houses driving 20-year old vehicles. But, I am going to make this fearless prediction. Cardinal tagle will be elected Pope before Easter. If not, then, I am wrong. After all, I am only human. I am not God. 

How sure am I
The cover photo of Jasmine Curtis was removed in favor of Cardinal  Tagle at LM Confidential for the March 2013 newspaper issue.
Sinabi ka na I am not sure. Kaya nga sinabi ko na hindi ako psychic and I am not God. But it’s not to believe in something like this once in a while. I believe in this guessing game of mine that I put Cardinal Tagle’s photo in place of my usual beautiful women. I removed the photo of Jasmine Curtis. 

Only in the Philippines
The United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) has removed re-electionists Francis “Chiz” Escudero, Loren Legarda and Grace Poe-Llamanzares from its senatorial slate. This was announced by Navotas Representative Toby Tiangco, the campaign manager of UNA. Legarda, Escudero and Llamanzares are three guest candidates of the alliance but also running under the ticket of President Noynoy Aquino’s Liberal Party or what is now commonly called through its monicker “Team Pinoy”.   Only in the Philippines can candidates belong to two parties. Puwede ba iyon? Kaya pala tinanggal.  How do you justify belonging to two political and rival parties? How will you dod that specially if the two parties have opposing principles? What is one party wants to raise taxes and the other wants to lower taxes? What if the other wants to legalize divorce and the other one opposes it? How can either party rely on your support? 

President Aquino’s Surprising Initiatives
Only in the Philippines will they test a voting machine ang make a big issue fo some glitches.  They are testing the automated voting machines now for the elections. There are those who want to go back to the manual voting. There are still organizations like Kontra Daya who believe that they will ensure an orderly election. How is that possible?  If their figures contradict the Comelec results, are we going to believe them instead of the Comelec? In fact, I am surprised at some of the brave initiatives of President Aquino. Although I did not agree with him starting a war with the judiciary, it is quite surprising that he used his very popular image to pass the Reproductive Health bill which was being debated since World War II. Just kidding lang po. It’s about time. He took on the Catholic church and won. Now, even though there are still some poeple who make a big issue of some voting machine glitches, he has signed a bill to make biometric ID mandatory to go with the automated voting machines. This means, that voters will be identified if they have already voted in another area or not. This means, the chance of the Philippines going back to manual counting is getting smaller and smaller.  

Memory Stronger After 10 Years
Apparently, there are some Filipinos in Toronto who defy medical facts.  They also go against the logic of police investigators who prefer asking witnesses in the first 48 hours so that details are still fresh in their mind.  However, there are some who say that they can remember details more clearly after 10 years. Hmmm, I wish I can be that person. You might reveal what you claim is the truth after 10 years but will the court believe it?