Friday, December 27, 2013

Mechanic's Lunch Room Before Political Correctness - Naku Ha January 2014

“Mechanic’s Room”

The lunch room of my mechanic is a throwback to the politically-incorrect days when the walls are graced by calendars with women in different levels of undressed.  it really makes you look at the day of the month. No need for an iphone to ring on certain days to remind you that you have an appointment that day. With the calendar, you are motivated to look at the day.  But there is something I do not understand. Nowadays, it is “not right” to hang calendars with women in bikini in your workplace but it is still ok to buy the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue or even get a Victoria’s Secret catalogue and leave them lying around your office. Why?  

Beautiful Blondes get their Attention
At my workplace Christmas party, the bar was packed and a friend of mine cannot get the bartender’s attention. She said she has been standing there for 30 minutes. Thankfully, a beautiful and blonde co-worker was also waiting and asked us what we wanted. She got the bartender’s attention and I got my beer.  See what non-blondes but equally beautiful women can do. Watch Lakambini on January 5 and you’ ll end up donating to a cause too.

Only the Good-Hearted 
When my nephew was donating some goods to a relief drive a long time ago, somebody asked him if he was sure if it will reach the recipients.  He said, if he is going to worry if it will reach the needy or not, he will end up not giving at all. He said, I give because I want to. If somebody wants to run away with the money, there is nothing I can do.  

Do not insult non-Filipinos helping us
Journalist Romy Zetazate and other Filipinos were with councillor Raymond Cho at Scarborough Town Centre. Councillor Cho, who is Chinese, was doing all the talking, and asking people to donate to the typhoon Yolanda victims.  Then, a group of Filipinos passed by and asked him if the money is even going to reach the Philippines. “That was the embarrassing part,” said Zetazate. “Here was a councillor, doing all he can to convince people to donate to the relief effort in the Philippines and our fellow Filipinos will treat him that way.”
It is nakakahiya nga. Para bang minamaliit pa nila iyong ginagawa ni Councillor Cho. I agree with Zetazate. Those Filipinos probably never gave anything in their life and they are using that excuse as justification to be makunat.
If you do not like to give, then, do not insult those who are willing to give. Compliment them. That way, nobody will doubt whether you give or not. People will just assume you do.
There is a saying “it is better to be quiet and be doubted as an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Parang ganito din iyan. “If you are makunat but quiet, people will doubt your kakunatan. But if you open your mouth and insult the generous people, then, you remove all doubt about your kakunatan.” They will come to the conclusion na makunat ka. If you give praise to those who give without making them doubt if their donations are reaching the correct recipients, people will assume you are as generous like them, even if you have not given any. If you are poor, that’s understandable. But to insult generous people if you are not poor, that’s low, ika nga. 

Free plastic bags at Chinese groceries
Why do multinational stores charge you for plastic bags? Then sugarcoat it that it is going to some environmental cause. So, what they are doing is charging us to donate to the environment. According to some, using the plastic bag is not environmentally friendly. I disagree. Those bags are used again to throw the garbage or organic matter. It saves us money from buying those black plastic bags anyway.  

Edgar Sulit is now Persona-non-grata
IPEN Impresario has received word from international pageant organizers that he is now persona-non-grata. In other words, banned. Well, actually it includes his beauties. Bea Santiago is the latest beauty from the stable of beauty pageant groomer to win a title. It is bad enough that Filipino women keep winning title in the past year.  Well, hindi naman daw ban - moratorium lang naman for one year until the other countries can catch up or may fighting chance lang naman. If you doubt this news, ask Edgar Sulit yourself.  Biro lang po. Readers naman, masyadong serious.

Sorbetero ice cream brand queso-flavour go blah

The first time I bought this brand, there were lots of cheese bits and creamy in texture. Now, I cannot bite any cheese bits and the texture is like sugar that did not melt. What happened? I can’t believe the quality went down in a matter of seasons from summer to winter this year.

Fundraising Left and Right Bato Bato December 2013

Fundraising Left and Right
Typhoon Yolanda brought unexpected loss of life and property that Filipinos worldwide mobilized to send goods and money. Dito na lang sa Toronto, hindi na tayo magkanda-ugaga. Weekends were jampacked with concerts, events and aprties all to raise funds to help our kababayans. This is something good about us Filipinos. We are ready to help aour kababayans at a moment's notice. 

Questions Raised
Nobody even bothered to ask if the money and goods are all going to reach the victims. This is the unspoken truth. We all know that not all of this relief effort will reach out kababayans. But there is another point. For those of us who are sincerely giving help with the belief that it will reach the victims, it is enough that we give. The conscience of the givers is clear. If somebody in the middle decides to steal aid that is supposed to be for the victims, wala na tayong magagawa. We give becasue we care. If we do not give because we believe that it will not reach the victims anyway, that is the prerogative of others. But if you have not given anything at all and are using that excuse all the time, you probably have no intention of helping anyone in your life anyway. 

Walang delicadeza 
Journalist Romy Zetazate and other Filipinos was with councillor Raymond Cho at Scarboorugh Centre. Councillor Cho, who is Chinese, was doing all the talking, and asking people to donate to the typhoon Yolanda victims.  Then, a group of Filipinos passed by and asked him if the money is even going to reach the Philippines. 
   "That was the embarassing part," said Zetazate. "Here was a Chinese councillor, doing all he can to convince people to donate to the relief effort in the Philippines and our fellow Filipinos will treat him that way."
It is nakakahiya nga. Para bang minamaliit pa nila iyong ginagawa ni Councillor Cho. I agree with Zetazate. Those Filipinos probably never gave anything in their life and they are using that excuse as justification to be makunat. Kung hindi mo gusto na mahalata na makunat ka, tumahimik ka na lang. 

Legalities to help?
According to Roxas, he just needs a letter to say what they need to do and what Tacloban can do so each one knows what their responsibilities are. Naku ha. Why is a letter suddenly needed to help a devastated area after all these years? Did they ask Bohol for a letter when the earthquake hit? Besides, you are the national government and Tacloban is part of the Philippines. Let me put it this way. You see a town with no houses standing, do you ome and ask, what do you need? Hindi ba commonsense, they need shelter. 

Where are the goods?
President Aquino was bragging that they are ready. They said that planes are loaded with goods at the vicinity to be delivered when the storm passes. bakit nang matapos ang typhoon, walang nag-landing na goivernment planes? Bakit puro relief airplanes ng foreign governments ang duamating? 

Image is Everything
Whys is it that evertime there is a typhhon, there is a video of a man putting rice in plastic manually? After all these storm, shouldn't they ahve a autoamted dispenser by now? By the way, why are we fond of giving rice? Where are the people going to cook them if they are devastated. There is no electricity. There is no gas. There are no houses. It is all symbolic becasue we Filipinos love rice. But at times like these, it is useless.

Naku ha December 2013 - Ford Voters are Less Educated

“Ford voters are less educated”

Remember the conclusion from a study that concluded “George Bush voters are stupid?’ Well, a story published in the Star concludes that Ford voters are less educated. We’ll see what happens on election 2014. Now, the Toronto Star tries to get support for Ford opponents by doing the same thing. It published a study that For voters are “less educated.” If there is one thing that voters do not like is being insulted that if they vote for a certain candidate, they are stupid. What happens is that even people who are not planning to vote at all go out and vote for that candidate. It is what happened to the US election between George Bush jr and John Kerry. We all know that happened. Will it happen to Rob Ford in election 2014? We will see.

When Canadian newspapers write an article, they have a way of being polite. Here is an example.  
Canada’s DART ( Disaster Assistance Response Team) hits the ground Running in Philippines 
SUBTITLE- Shrewd Planning bypassed possible logistics delays
TRANSLATION OF WHAT THE WORD “LOGISTICS” MEANS - Corruption, Government Officials, DSWD Dinky Soliman, Politicians, etc, etc... 
Sending aid to the Philippines is starting to sound like a military operation. In this case, the enemy is the Philippine government, bureacrats and politicians (INCLUDING VP BINAY WHO WAS NOT ALLOWED BY US MARINES TO GET IN THE AID AREA)who want to get their hands on the aid. The mission of of aid agencies is to reach the victims directly. What will Canada send next time there is disaster in the Philippines - special forces to escort the aid? US marines were actually ordered to make sure to keep the aid packages away from politicians. Other countries might follow suit and send their special forces too just to make sure aid arrives to the people who needs it. Ano ba naman ito? Tayo na tinutulungan, sinasmanatal pa natin. Kitang-kita ang corruption by the rest of the world. Nakakahiya na. Apaprently, not for some politicians sa Pilipinas. Hindi na marunong mahiya. Sus Guinoo naman.

With the pork barrel issue being buried by disaster stories, is it wrong to a ask “with all that money the government has, why is it not being used for recovery operations after every disaster?” If it has been diverted to politician’s pockets, why not divert it again to help the people? Can you blame China for just giving $100,000? It is either they know the victims will not get it or it might be used to buy arms, ships, ammunitions, aircrafts to fight them. We all know that China has been flexing it’s muscles, even encroaching on our territory, right? Or has every forgotten that too? The other countries can afford to give big because they are not having a “war” with the Philippines. Not to mention, the money they are giving is a drop in the bucket for from their budget but big enough to put the disaster areas -past and present maybe - back to normal. That is, if all the money really go to the disaster areas and the victims. But they made up for it. China sent a hospital ship.


Why is Mar Roxas enumerating to CNN reporter what the Philippines needs as if it is the obligation of foreign countries / government / donors to fulfill them or give them? His tone of voice makes it sound as if he is demanding even. The Filipinos are grateful, specially the victims - current and past - in the typhoon areaS, but some government spokespersons being interviewed after every disaster gives the impression that they expect more necessities to be delivered by foreign entities (government, aid agencies, Filipinos abroad and their associations) when they are asked what is needed. Isn’t foreign help just supposed to supplement what the government is doing, assuming it is doing something. If the foreign media and foreign aid agencies did not come, the disaster area would have been ignored by the Philippine government and all we’ll hear are government soundbites about “it’s under control and everything is back to normal” without verifications from any local media.