Sunday, March 30, 2014

Vhong Navarro's Rape Video is a misleading headline title - March 2014

Deniece Performed Oral Sex To Vhong; CCTV Exposes The Truth! 

Ito po ang headline sa ibang mga balita sa internet. The CCTV does not show the oral sex. The CCTV shows Vhong, other men, and Deniece going in and out the lobby and elevator, that’s all. Kaya tuloy ako napabasa. Akala ko iyong oral sex ang nasa CCTV.  Iyong iba naman, you ahve to click share before the video plays. I do not do that. I want to know if there is something worth watching in the video first. Otherwise, you end up posting useless videos on your timeline. 

President Aquino is an Enigma
President Aquino is an enigma. He is a scion of a prominent family. He has Chinese blood from what I know. Yet, he refused to apologize to HongKong for the hostage fiasco. In dealing with China on the West Philippine sea issue,  he has the balls to call them names while his enemies, who have no Chinese blood sides with China. he is also the president who finally stopped the decade-long debate on the reproductive health bill and declared that it is time to put it to a vote and in turn, incurred the wrath of the Catholic church. He is an enigma.  

Is it still news?
The definition of news is “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events.”  But if it is not new anymore, what is it? If you keep writing the same thing again and again without new information being addded, what do you call it? 
Smear campaign?
Kung paulit-ulit mong sinusulat ang balita na naisulat mo na ng mga limampung beses,  ano ang gusto mong mangyari? Do you expect people up rise up and revolt just because you want them to take your cause? If you want people to take your cause, you have to pay them. They are called employees.  But if you think people will take time off from work, dedicate themselves to your cause, when you know you are the only beneficiary, you must be dreaming, hindi ba? 

Only in the Philippines
Only in the Philippines can you make a false accusation and get away with it without being charged. A disqualified pageant contestant named Roxanne Cabanero accused Vhong Navarro of raping her.  Unfortunately for her, her story unravelled as to the timing of  when she was raped. At the time she claimed Vhong raped her, Vhong was singing at the concert of Vice Ganda.  So, the question is, will she be charged? Well, if she did not file it with the police, probably not. But if she did, she should be charged with filing a false report. Why? Because she used their time and money who ahd to investigate her claim, that’s why.  Sus Guinoo naman.     

Why sabay sabay ang construction?

Bakit kaya sabay sabay ginawa ang construction sa Metro Manila? Dahil kaya may pera ngayon at they are worried na mawala. Kasi, it does not make sense dahil the traffic nightmare na mangyayari. Baka naman dahil alam ng mga planners na kapag hindi mo ginawa ngayon, iyong mga losing bidders sa construction projects, maghahabla sa korte at wala na namang mangyayari. Alam mo naman sa atin kapag may bidding. Pag natalo, magdedemanda. Bago matapos ang kaso, ilang taon na nakaraan. Hmmm, hindi kaya? 

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