Thursday, January 30, 2014

Quality goes down for Sorbetero Ice Cream - Naku Ha February 2014

What happened to Global Warming?

If you have not heard or seen Al Gore lately, it’s probably because he is in some warm climate hiding from this polar vortex of a winter weather we are getting while we freeze our buns off because we cannot afford to take time off to hightail it to some tropical paradise. What happened to global warming that everyone was talking about? Anybody or wannabe somebody all said that it was bad for the environment and will bring doomsday to the world. But everybody else did not believe them. Everybody else enjoyed warm winters. Bring back global warming. The only people who are going to benefit from these frigid temperatures are hydro companies, road construction companies, manufacturers of ice wine, heating, winter clothing, blankets, thermal underwear among the few.   

Why China did not give more?
With the pork barrel issue being buried by disaster stories, is it wrong to a ask “with all that money the government has, why is it not being used for recovery operations after every disaster?” If it has been diverted to politician’s pockets, why not divert it again to help the people? Can you blame China for just giving $100,000? It is either they know the victims will not get it or it might be used to buy arms, ships, ammunitions, aircrafts to fight them. We all know that China has been flexing it’s muscles, even encroaching on our territory, right? Or has everyone forgotten that too? The other countries can afford to give big because they are not having a “war” with the Philippines. Not to mention, the money they are giving is a drop in the bucket for from their budget but big enough to put the disaster areas -past and present maybe - back to normal. That is, if all the money really go to the disaster areas and the victims. 

Will you follow blindly?
Liberal leader Justin Trudeau admitted to smoking dope and everybody falls asleep. Seeing that there is no backlash, the other politicians follow suit. Mayor Rob Ford is seen smoking an unknown substance and everybody is going berserk. Besides what charge can you file against any of them anyway? As for them being bad examples, who really follows lemmings if they jump over a cliff anyway? Jung tumalon ba sila sa tulay, susunod ka rin?

Why quality goes down?
I do not like Buko Pandan and Avocado flavours of Magnolia ice cream being sold in Toronto groceries. I like the Halo-Halo flavour of Magnolia though. Queso flavour of Sorbetero brand is fine.  However, when I bought Sorbetero Queso ice cream again, the texture changed. it is not the same creamy smooth texture that I bought before. In fact, it feels like snow. I am not the only one who noticed it. At Flor Vendiola’s wake, I met a guy who also noticed the difference. Why can’t Philippine products maintain their quality? Why do they think that we will not notice it? Hay buhay. Just when you thought you found one product you like, they ruin it.

Rob Ford speaks Patois
Another video of Rob Ford came out again speaking in a foreign language under the influence of alcohol. It made front page news again. Apparently, he was swearing but a language professor defended it as how we speak between friends. If you were speaking at council chamber or high society, it will be vulgar.  Because Ford got the attention agian, Justin Bieber’s publicist decided that Justin had to do something stupid to get the attention back. That is why he drove his Lamborghini while drunk. 

They cannot make up their mind

Even Mayor Rob Ford’s opponent in council Adam Vaughan is getting tired of them. I am talking of John Tory and Olivia Chow.  While Rob Ford keeps his high ratings by getting drunk, these two keep staying in the news by not declaring if they will run for Mayor or not. Unfortuantely for them, this kind of news is getting tiresome while Rob Ford’s antics is jsut entertaining the public who keep giving him high ratings whenever a survey is done after his shenanigans. Ford has it easy.