Sunday, March 30, 2014

SmartChoice travel warns ticket Buyers

Ms. Rowena a.k.a. Winnie Lin Santiago is no longer connected or affiliated to SmartChoice Travel & Tours. She has been a free lance outside agent since Oct. 2013. She had a written contract which has been terminated. She did not act based on the scope and limitations of selling travel services from a registrant like us. Outside agents are not on our payroll. Acting on her own and without our knowledge, Ms. Santiago misrepresents herself as a co-owner of SmartChoice Travel and encouraged many people to invest and in return will get 10% interest monthly.
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She was telling her victims that her price for airline tickets was a group /wholesale ticket rate but can only pay cash. Many victims paid her direct since her price was even lower than our price given to her. We have a rate contract with the airline and or airline consolidators to follow. She is giving her victims the cost of airline tickets hundreds of dollars lower than our price given to her. Many people booked with her because of the price difference. They paid her direct instead of paying our business account with the right amount based on our ticket amount given to her.
Without their consent or knowledge she recently used the credit cards of her passengers to pay for other passenger’s ticket. Also, she will give hundreds of dollars lower than our price and will charge their credit card with the higher amount which is different from the original amount agreed between her and the passenger but will pay them back or rebate them the difference later.
We feel sorry for all of her victims, and even our company is one of her victims for owing us $29,000 worth of airline tickets we paid for customers without tickets excluding the credit card disputes. Many of her victims are calling our office and looking for their airline tickets they have paid for but not received. They were told by Winnie Lin Santiago that they were booked and holding an airline ticket, but it was actually a detailed flight itinerary only.
E-ticket or Electronic Ticket Receipt is different from a flight itinerary only. E-ticket will show a 13 digit ticket numbers e.g. 079-4828678901 for PAL, 160-4828678901 for Cathay, 180-4828678901 for Korean Air and 695-4828678901 for Eva Air passengers just to give a few ticket number samples. Her victims only had airline confirmation number but no e-ticket receipt number indicated.
Having an itinerary does not mean that you already have a ticket number. Please be aware that after selling the travel service the Outside agent is required to promptly provide the consumer with an invoice from the Registrant Section 38(1) of the Regulation. The details that should be set out in the invoice, are : the customer who purchased the travel services, ; the business name, address, and telephone number of the registrant; the name of the company supplying the travel services; a brief description of the travel services purchased, the amount of payment, any fees, taxes or other charges and whether those amounts are refundable or non-refundable and whether trip cancellation and out-of-province health insurance was accepted or declined.
We have already informed TICO about this issue and we initiated a police report which is now under investigation. Please call Financial Crimes Unit at 416 808 7299 refer to report number 178 7786 to report that you are a victim or if you have any information to provide.

English Spoken in Philippine Movie - April 2014

English in Philippine Movies
Tagalog getting used less and less in Movies 

If you notice, a lot of lines in Philippine movies are now in English. Most of the time, these characters are playing a rich person or an executive. These are positions that the masses aspire to. There might be another reason why a lot of lines are in English. These movies are shown abroad for the Filipinos to watch in regular theatres.  Producers might be trying to attract the second generations of Filipinos. If  most of the lines are in English, producers avoid the cost of either putting subtitles or dubbing them in English.  If forced to do either one, producers will probably avoid using subtitles. Hindi relaxing manood kasi ng movie na may subtitles, hindi ba? What do you think? 

Offloading should be Banned 
Off-loading, whatever the excuse, whether to protect “possible” victims of human trafficking, or any other explanation, would smell just as bad. BIR clarified that if Filipinos have a tourist visa from another visa, they are allowed to leave. However, there have been instances where Filipinos with tourist visas were offloaded or barred from leaving just because they assume the person is a victim of human trafficking or plan to overstay and work abroad. So what?If Filipinos have a tourist visa to the destination, they have a “right” to leave. If they plan to overstay and work, that is not the problem of the Philippines. If the receiving country granted them a visa, what is the problem and why make it our problem?

Opinion favourite

It is election time again in Toronto.  And once, Olivia Chow is favourite. Based on surveys, she is ahead of Rob Ford (PHOTO). This is what happened to George Smitherman before. They say the race was close, that they are neck to neck. Rob Ford barely campagined, or less visible that George Smitherman during the campagin.  With two months to go, Rob Ford started becoming visible. They had a debate which neither side won, I think. I can’t remember the debate. On election day, George Smitherman conceded defeat after 12 minutes of closing time.  Rob Ford won decisively.  

Truth on Election Day 
People rarely tell the truth during surveys.  Most people tell the pollsters what everybody wants to hear. They have the feeling that if they tell them an opinion that is not popular, they will be harassed, either by the person doing the survey or other people. They probably ahve the feeling that the person will argue with them longer if they say something unpopular. people do not trust surveys nor do they trust the people asking them. They also think that the pollster will probably trash your opinion also. So, to save everyone time and money, they just say what is popular.

Pampagulo lang  

John Tory, Karen Stintz and David Soknacki joined the Mayoral race just to confuse people. They say that Olivia Chow has the race representing the left of politics so people will identify her easily. To the right of politics, is Rob Ford and Tory, Stintz and Soknacki. That’s a load of crap. This will boil down to Rob Ford versus Olivia Chow.  I put my 1 dollar on Rob Ford.  

US to help in Talking  

Russia has already taken Crimea and the US did nothing. Europe did nothing. Unless your country has vast oil reserves, do not expect the United States to come to your aid militarily in a heartbeat. Look what happened to Iraq hen Saddam attacked Kuwait.  We’re not really sure whether US came to the aid of Kuwait or was worried about Saudi Arabia. Let’s talk about the Philippines. Do we have oil? Nada. Ay naku patay na.  

Filipinos in the Running 

Rafael Fabregas is asking for your help in securing the federal Liberal nomination for Scarborough Centre.  If nominated, he will be the Liberal’s representative to run for the House of Commons. Ace Alvarez is running for Trustee in Scarborough. I know Ace personally and I wish him all the luck.

Vhong Navarro's Rape Video is a misleading headline title - March 2014

Deniece Performed Oral Sex To Vhong; CCTV Exposes The Truth! 

Ito po ang headline sa ibang mga balita sa internet. The CCTV does not show the oral sex. The CCTV shows Vhong, other men, and Deniece going in and out the lobby and elevator, that’s all. Kaya tuloy ako napabasa. Akala ko iyong oral sex ang nasa CCTV.  Iyong iba naman, you ahve to click share before the video plays. I do not do that. I want to know if there is something worth watching in the video first. Otherwise, you end up posting useless videos on your timeline. 

President Aquino is an Enigma
President Aquino is an enigma. He is a scion of a prominent family. He has Chinese blood from what I know. Yet, he refused to apologize to HongKong for the hostage fiasco. In dealing with China on the West Philippine sea issue,  he has the balls to call them names while his enemies, who have no Chinese blood sides with China. he is also the president who finally stopped the decade-long debate on the reproductive health bill and declared that it is time to put it to a vote and in turn, incurred the wrath of the Catholic church. He is an enigma.  

Is it still news?
The definition of news is “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events.”  But if it is not new anymore, what is it? If you keep writing the same thing again and again without new information being addded, what do you call it? 
Smear campaign?
Kung paulit-ulit mong sinusulat ang balita na naisulat mo na ng mga limampung beses,  ano ang gusto mong mangyari? Do you expect people up rise up and revolt just because you want them to take your cause? If you want people to take your cause, you have to pay them. They are called employees.  But if you think people will take time off from work, dedicate themselves to your cause, when you know you are the only beneficiary, you must be dreaming, hindi ba? 

Only in the Philippines
Only in the Philippines can you make a false accusation and get away with it without being charged. A disqualified pageant contestant named Roxanne Cabanero accused Vhong Navarro of raping her.  Unfortunately for her, her story unravelled as to the timing of  when she was raped. At the time she claimed Vhong raped her, Vhong was singing at the concert of Vice Ganda.  So, the question is, will she be charged? Well, if she did not file it with the police, probably not. But if she did, she should be charged with filing a false report. Why? Because she used their time and money who ahd to investigate her claim, that’s why.  Sus Guinoo naman.     

Why sabay sabay ang construction?

Bakit kaya sabay sabay ginawa ang construction sa Metro Manila? Dahil kaya may pera ngayon at they are worried na mawala. Kasi, it does not make sense dahil the traffic nightmare na mangyayari. Baka naman dahil alam ng mga planners na kapag hindi mo ginawa ngayon, iyong mga losing bidders sa construction projects, maghahabla sa korte at wala na namang mangyayari. Alam mo naman sa atin kapag may bidding. Pag natalo, magdedemanda. Bago matapos ang kaso, ilang taon na nakaraan. Hmmm, hindi kaya? 

Where's Global Warming and other points to ponder

What happened to Global Warming?

If you have not heard or seen Al Gore lately, it’s probably because he is in some warm climate hiding from this polar vortex of a winter weather we are getting while we freeze our buns off because we cannot afford to take time off to hightail it to some tropical paradise. What happened to global warming that everyone was talking about? Anybody or wannabe somebody all said that it was bad for the environment and will bring doomsday to the world. But everybody else did not believe them. Everybody else enjoyed warm winters. Bring back global warming. The only people who are going to benefit from these frigid temperatures are hydro companies, road construction companies, manufacturers of ice wine, heating, winter clothing, blankets, thermal underwear among the few.  

Why China did not give more?
With the pork barrel issue being buried by disaster stories, is it wrong to a ask “with all that money the government has, why is it not being used for recovery operations after every disaster?” If it has been diverted to politician’s pockets, why not divert it again to help the people? Can you blame China for just giving $100,000? It is either they know the victims will not get it or it might be used to buy arms, ships, ammunitions, aircrafts to fight them. We all know that China has been flexing it’s muscles, even encroaching on our territory, right? Or has everyone forgotten that too? The other countries can afford to give big because they are not having a “war” with the Philippines. Not to mention, the money they are giving is a drop in the bucket for from their budget but big enough to put the disaster areas -past and present maybe - back to normal. That is, if all the money really go to the disaster areas and the victims. 

Will you follow blindly?
Liberal leader Justin Trudeau admitted to smoking dope and everybody falls asleep. Seeing that there is no backlash, the other politicians follow suit. Mayor Rob Ford is seen smoking an unknown substance and everybody is going berserk. Besides what charge can you file against any of them anyway? As for them being bad examples, who really follows lemmings if they jump over a cliff anyway? Jung tumalon ba sila sa tulay, susunod ka rin?

Why quality goes down?
I do not like Buko Pandan and Avocado flavours of Magnolia ice cream being sold in Toronto groceries. I like the Halo-Halo flavour of Magnolia though. Queso flavour of Sorbetero brand is fine.  However, when I bought Sorbetero Queso ice cream again, the texture changed. it is not the same creamy smooth texture that I bought before. In fact, it feels like snow. I am not the only one who noticed it. At Flor Vendiola’s wake, I met a guy who also noticed the difference. Why can’t Philippine products maintain their quality? Why do they think that we will not notice it? Hay buhay. Just when you thought you found one product you like, they ruin it.

Rob Ford speaks Patois
Another video of Rob Ford came out again speaking in a foreign language under the influence of alcohol. It made front page news again. Apparently, he was swearing but a language professor defended it as how we speak between friends. If you were speaking at council chamber or high society, it will be vulgar.  Because Ford got the attention agian, Justin Bieber’s publicist decided that Justin had to do something stupid to get the attention back. That is why he drove his Lamborghini while drunk. 

They cannot make up their mind
Even Mayor Rob Ford’s opponent in council Adam Vaughan is getting tired of them. I am talking of John Tory and Olivia Chow.  While Rob Ford keeps his high ratings by getting drunk, these two keep staying in the news by not declaring if they will run for Mayor or not. Unfortuantely for them, this kind of news is getting tiresome while Rob Ford’s antics is jsut entertaining the public who keep giving him high ratings whenever a survey is done after his shenanigans. Ford has it easy.