Sunday, April 27, 2014

I did not give my real name to Lindsay Lohan - Naku Ha May 2014

Lindsay Lohan List of Sex Partners Stolen?
When in rehab, one of the steps is to list the names of your all your sex partners you have had. Apparently, Lindsay Lohan’s list was stolen. I was not worried about my name being made public because. I did not give her my real name.

MILF Commanders join MNLF
Some commanders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) have joined forces with the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) along with thousands of their men because they do not want to give up their high-powered firearms and ammunition. Now, let me get this straight. The purpose of a national government is that they are the only government, with one army, one navy, etc... Why bother having one peace treaty after another with every armed group if some of their followers will not disarm anyway? Why not do like Peru and fight the rebels until the rebels disappear? A government cannot get tired of fighting rebellion and resort to treaties. It only encourages others. Let us also stop this nonsense of ceasefire after ceasefire because only the government soldiers observe them anyway. The rebels attack our soldiers and they justify it with stupid excuses and outside observers agree with them for the sake of agreeing. 

Treaty to bring Peace?
Peace treaty with MNLF to bring peace before was opposed by MILF. Now deal with MILF supposed to bring peace is also opposed by MNLF and BIFF. Next, deal with BIFF will bring...what? Why is the PHL negotiating with these “rebels?” “Now what” is right.

One Organization begets another
This is like Filipino organizations abroad. A new organization is created, for example, Pilipino United Toronto Association or PUTA for short. They have a first set of officers. Then, after a few years, they have an election and the first set of officers are not re-elected. The first set of officers sourgrape of vote rigging or whatever to no avail. They separate and create a new organization called FIRST PUTA, to signify that they were the first officers of the original PUTA. Some organizations do not like to join either one because they do not want to offend officers of either organizations because they are friends with both of them.  Or maybe just bad vibes. Or maybe they just want to be officers themselves. But to distinguish themselves, they have to think of a Unique Selling proposition so they call themselves Pilipino United Toronto Association International, North America or PUTA-INA. Then, the 3 similarly-named associations try to get the embassy or consulate involved and all ask to endorse one of them to claim legitimacy, in their mind. If one of them get the recognition, they will then claim that as an endorsement and they expect the other association to cease and desist...existing, if that is possible. And so it goes.

Selfies on Stage Fade out?
What do you think of  taking selfies while on stage, whether with a star or not? Ellen started it. Is it going to live forever like the “achy break heart line dancing?” Or is it over before it even caught on?

“Vehicle Lost Control” 
I just do not understand the grammar of people writing the news. How does a car lose control? Cars do not lose control - drivers do. Or you can say, “the car had mechanical failure and the driver lost control.” Or you can say “the driver had a heart attack and lost control.” BUT A CAR CANNOT LOSE CONTROL. It is not a living thing. Despite movies like Terminator, Terminator 2, Terminator 3 or Transformers, cars are machines. They do not think on their own and move by themselves. 

Catholic Church is friendly to corruption?

A friend made a good observation. Why has no one in the Catholic church like the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines or CBCP, denounce the corruption scandals in the Philippine government? The church make very loud noises against the RH bill but none involving the senators and other politicians. Or is he wrong? Did somebody in the church hierarchy denounce anything yet besides the RH bill?

New Group waging War in Mindanao
How many groups are there in Mindanao? 

First, the Philippine government made a deal with the Moro National Liberation front (MNLF) to have peace in Mindanao. Then, MILF group did not agree and wanted their own deal so they waged war. Now, the government made a deal with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to have peace in Mindanao. Now, another group called BIFF is waging war because they want a deal with the government too. No, it does not stand for Best Islamic Friends Forever.  It stands for Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters. And on both previous deals, outside countries were happy to mediate. What’s the next alphabet group, MIFF? More like MIFFed because there will always be another group wanting a deal. And they will be LOL all the way to the B.A.N.K.  It’s good deal the government had not made a deal with the NPA. They know another group will come out wanting a deal faster than the ink dries on a treaty if a deal with the NPA is signed.