Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ashley Madison website hacked - What The fact - August 2015

Hackers break in., the website with the slogan “Life is short. Have an affair,” has been hacked.  The website, which specializes in giving married people in 48 countries an outlet to cheat has been hacked by the Impact Team, a hacker group. The IT claims to have private information including names, nude photos and credit card data. Imagine if your spouse found out that you are having an affair with the partner of your brother, sister...etc...Que horror. It just goes to show you that free sex is not free. Wait a minute. If this becomes a teleserye, I demand a royalty from Rosary Escano of TFC.  
But first, is there a Filipino in the list? 

Madam Raided

Remember Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood madam that got raided along with her black book and the names of rich, powerful and famous people? Well, Charlie Sheen was one of those people on the list. But instead of waiting to be outed, he came out, admitted it willingly and went on the star in the hit series “Two and a Half men,” where he played a womanizing, hard-drinking brother to Jon Cryer. Eventually, he was also fired from that show after 8 seasons for personal reasons.  Well, at least he was single when the madam was raided. The only ones who suffered were the escorts who lost their living.   

Double Standard on Poe

Why are they asking Poe to run as VP first when nobody asked Aquino to run as VP to Roxas before? Both of them were senators with no accomplishments. Yet, Aquino ran for presidency on the strength of his family name. And that is what Poe is banking on also. Besides, asking Poe to step aside is like asking Bruno Mars to stay out of the spotlight so people will buy my music. You can spray perfume on rotten egg but you cannot make people buy it. 

Free For All

They assume that if Poe runs with Roxas, both of them will win. But the vote for president and vice president in the Philippines is separate, just like in the US.  It is still possible to have  a scenario where Binay wins as President and Poe wins as VP.  Now, I read that Vilma Santos will run as VP to Roxas. What they are probably hoping is that the popularity of the Poe or Vilma wil rub some off on Roxas enough that people will vote for him as president.

Why Carne Norte

I have been living in Canada since 1986. Recently, my friend’s wife posted photos of corned beef that she cooked. I praised it and joked if she will send me some through her husband (my friend and co-worker). She told me she will give me the corned beef she cooked if I can answer why it is called carne norte. I got no answers on the internet either but also some asking. I asked my nephew why who is visiting in Canada. He said there is an Argentinian brand of corned beef in the Philippines called Carne Norte. From that, I can only guess that we Filipinos started using it as a generic term just as all hot tubs are now referred to as Jacuzzis, even if the brand of the hot tub is Grand Rapids or Aura. 
   This is just my guess po. If you have other answers, feel free to share them.

Aquino’s Promise

“Magpapasagasa ako sa train if MRT and LRT do not improve” is what President Aquino said. I am not sure if it is a promise or not. Sus Guinoo naman. As if it wil happen naman iyan. We all know that no politician keeps their promise in the Philippines, if it is indeed a promise. 

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