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Draft Lovi Poe for President - What the Fact - October 2015


I’ve had enough of this nonsense talk about “will she or won’t she run” about Grace Poe when she finally declared her candidacy. It’s about time. It has dragged on for too long. She’s not even a real Poe. Why settle for fake Poe when we can have the real Poe. Stop the Fake Poe from taking the Presidency. Let’s start a Draft Lovi Poe for President movement.

Is everbody really as compassionate in real life as they are on social media?
Everybody says their hearts go out to the refugees. Everybody says let them in. Everybody is critical of Stephen Harper when he says we have to screen them because they come from war-torn countries. 
But how many would let anybody in their own house if somebody knocks on their door and says let me in. Is that any different than a refugee? On TV, one refugee was caught on camera shouting “I did not leave the comfort of my home to be treated like a dog here.” REALLY? The comfort of your own home? Where the hell is that, Beverly Hills? 
In Uruguay, a Syrian family wants to leave because it is expensive there and the father Al Mohammed said he can’t get by on just 11,000 pesos ($380) a month as a hospital worker, barely above Uruguay’s 10,000-peso minimum wage. That is better than some Canadians or even illegals here in Canada who work under the table with below-minimum wage and knowing they can be found and deported anytime. Some work 2 or 3 jobs. You’re a refugee. You will not be deported anymore. 
Is it any wonder nobody wants to open their doors? Our own fellow Filipinos are now in limbo even after working 2 years here because of the changes in the immigration rules. These refugees don’t even have to work 2 years and they suddenly get immigrant status.
Is it any wonder that the only ones who feel compassionate towards these refugees are the media? They are the only ones trying to make it a major issue. Do you feel that the voting public feel the same way?
By the way, does anybody still remember that this all started with the Arab Spring, when all totalitarian countries in the Middle East will turn to democracy? The United States led the way in trying to overthrow Syrian president bashar Al-Assad. They did that with Iraq. We know what happened. Now look what happens. It seems the only dictatorship the United States approve of is Saudi Arabia. Those Saudis and us Filipinos better pray that Saudi does not run out of oil. It seems the US likes overthrowing non-oil producing dictatorships?
So, how compassionate do you really feel?

Real Life beats Media
Just because an issue is popular with the media does not mean it is of high concern with the regular people, the people who are quietly working their one, two or more regular jobs to feed their family, pay their bills and their taxes.
In act,  opinion polls find widespread support for the status quo when it comes to taking in Syrian asylum-seekers according to the a Globe and Mail column. 

Hungary settled refugees secretly in 2013
But they were all Christians. Hmmm...I wonder why they let them in. And why they did it in secret? 

Election by instagram
It seems the Canadian federal election is being hijacked by Instagram photo of the day from the Syrian crisis, followed by a race as to who can come up with the most heartbreaking twitter comment of the day. And it has become a case of  “if you are the incumbent, you cannot do and say anything right. If you are the opposition, you cannot do and say anything wrong.”

Self-fulfilling movie titles
Dying Young, RIPD, know they are not going to make money at the box office

Whoever is popular among netizens will lose the Philippine presidential election. 
By the looks of it, Mar Roxas will lose.

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