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Justin Trudeau wins on Looks? - What The Fact - November 2015


Did Justin Trudeau win for the sake of replacing Stephen Harper but not exactly his policies? If somebody else was running, would the Conservatives have won?
And by the way, am I the only one wondering why the Conservatives had a very boring election campaign? They had the most money, and they squandered it on why Trudeau is “just not ready.” 
But were the conservatives ready?
Judging from their campaign, they weren’t either.

The expectations for Trudeau were so low that him not making a major mistake was considered an accomplishment, like the discovery of sliced bread.

I’m not really sure whose story to believe, the OFW who forgets a knapsack full of money or that the investigators found evidence of employee criminal behaviour. These three might be the scapegoat for a laglag-bala scam that the investigators found no evidence. In short, sacrifice these 3 so the public will not say we are covering our own employees. You’re travelling and you forget a bag, which just so happens to contain lots of money. If I have lots of money, it will be in my person, no matter how much it is. I will not put it in my bag.  Two things stay in my person, the money and the passport.  

Mayor Tory pretending to stand up to the taxi lobby by not banning Uber, then asking Uber to suspend operations while it creates regulations for Uber is disingenuous. Who is he kidding? Uber refuses. We all know suspending operations pending regulation is the equivalent of being told to liquidate your business in Toronto. Toronto is not open to new business. Just look at the food truck issue. Council caved in to restaurateurs.

“Strategic voting” involves voting for someone you do not believe in. If you believe that your candidate has no chance of winning anyway, they convince you to vote for the other candidate. Huh? Never worked. It always benefits the party they are trying to bring down, often, it is the conservatives. Strategic voters always involve NDP and the Liberals.     

Canada’s election focus might have been hijacked by the migrant crisis in Europe as opposition and the media used it to change the topic but the voters concern is different. What passes for headline news for the media does not necessarily mean it is a major issue for voters.
Dying Young, RIPD, know they are not going to make money at the box office

Let me get this straight. Trudeau informs the US that Canada will withdraw from the US campaign of the military bombing of ISIS and get the Keystone XL pipeline approved by the US at the same time. We already joined the US in the bombing campaign and we still cannot get the pipeline approved. The only way the pipeline will be approved is to pray that a Republican wins as the next US president. Or, hire York University tunnel-maker Elton McDonald and dig a tunnel across the border without anyone noticing.

To all those caregiver advocates who keep asking for the moon and the stars from the Liberals, you will get them but they will take away the sun. 
Liberals will use the playbook of people in power. Give what you want and take something back. You have no choice but to be vocally thankful because they gave you what you asked but deep inside, quietly, you regret it because what they took was more important than what you got. Politics is a game of compromise. 

So, now we have a new Prime Minister.  The Liberals won a majority, the Conservatives became the official opposition and the NDP went back to third place from second place. And we went back to work the next day as if nothing happened. Thank God we live in a country that is this boring. This is not sarcasm. There are countries around the world where, regardless of who wins, violence follows afterwards.  Let us keep this country boring so that people around the world will want to keep coming, a place where you can vote, go home, eat, and go to bed safe and sound. 

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