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SHOCKING! Bribery at Customs? - What the Fact - September 2015


I am confused. A representative of the door to door companies is saying that Customs personnel are asking for bribes to release their containers fast. Now I am confused and shocked. Oh My G. 
Totoo ba ito? 
I am shocked that there is bribery at Bureau of Customs (BOC).  He also says that if Customs increase their container fees too much, kakaunti na lang ang mapupunta sa bulsa nila. Malalaki na at malalalim pa naman ang mga bulsa nila. Naku, siguro walang katapusan ang paghuhulog mo ng barya diyan.  

What the facts are ba naman?

President Binay, VP Aquino

Headline reads “Aquino says no as Roxas’ VP.” With good reason. Imagine Roxas and him running for President and VP respectively and Roxas lost and he won as VP. Now comes the nightmare scenario for him - BINAY WINNING AS PRESIDENT. Yikes. Or does he believe that Roxas cannot win as President the reason he turned it down? As the late comedian Dolphy once said, “running for elected office is easy. What if you win?” In this case, if Aquino wins as VP to Binay’s imagine the scenario. 

Christmas starts in September

Filipinos have three seasons; wet, dry and Christmas. Christmas for us Filipinos starts in September. it’s when everyone suddenly feel the rush of optimism in the air. I do not know why but it seems there are two events when business also makes money; Christmas and election. Fortunately or unfortunately, depends on how you analyze it, national elections only happens once every 6 years.  But then again, there are still the barangay and senate, congress elections. Well, I guess all is not lost. 

Customs as Cash Cow for Election

For refusing to raise P3 billion for the campaign kitty of the Liberal Party (LP), John Sevilla was pressured to resign as Bureau of Customs chief by the ruling party, the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) said last April. UNA interim president and Navotas City Rep. Tobias Tiangco said the LP pressured Sevilla to resign after the latter refused to make the BOC a milking cow of the ruling party. Now that door to door boxes are now being subjected to scrutiny, it is becoming clear that there might be some truth to the accusation.  Now, I read the news that Aquino told the BOC to stop opening boxes but only open those that looks suspicious in x-ray. Hmmm...Customs opening you box does not inspire confidence. 

Sabotaging Roxas?

Is Aquino trying to sabotage Roxas campaign for president? I mean, the timing is not good to pull this kind of  enforcement. And since  Customs is not known for it’s honesty,  can you blame OFW’s for crying foul? Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz is trying to have it both ways like Aquino. She says she is against opening of OFW boxes but that she supports Customs in doing their job. Or is Aquino already giving Roxas an excuse for an election that he feels Roxas will lose? 

Headline - 4 detained rapists of vice governor’s kin shot dead

Hmmm...this is a very complicated case. I strongly believe this is a case of suicide. What else could it be? They felt remorseful, they asked for a gun from the policemen guarding them and they shot themselves. Case closed. 

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