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Trudeau is APEC Hottie - What the Fact - December 2015

Trudeau is APEC Hottie

Trudeau whisked away from adoring Manila mob
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to be whisked away from a summit by police bodyguards on Thursday as hundreds of excited journalists and staff swarmed around him in a bid to take photos and say hello.
I know the feeling. I had to flee a mob once too. I just can’t remember if they were adoring or a lynch mob. 

Ehe, sus Guinoo ko.

Right now, the newspapers feature civilian employees making the bed of the military barracks for the refugees.
But in one year or just six months after Syrian refugees are housed in the military barracks, they will be complaining of in-humane living conditions, of having to live in one barrack (ROOM) per family. The photos will show unmade bed, litter all over the floor, etc...the same conditions that exists already with the Canadian poor. The sympathetic write-up will be big news in the Toronto Star. There will be a quote from a refugee something like “don’t get me wrong. We are grateful to the Canadian government but no human should have to live in this kind of conditions.” Every media outlet and their commentators will echo the same sympathetic tone, afraid to be called racist, except the readers who will be furious. The National Post and Toronto Sun will be the exception among the media also. Prime Minister Trudeau will promise to investigate the situation.

It’s not final until Comelec says it’s OK 
Is he secretly hoping that Comelec will refuse his candidacy? Is his substitution candidacy official yet?

Poe is out (for now until presstime for us here in Toronto). But Is Duterte still in? 
Duterte entered the race because he said Poe is not a natural-born Filipino and he does not like the Philippines to be ruled by a foreigner. Now that Poe has been disqualified, is Duterte going to withdraw? Even if he stays, by the way he is going he looks like he is trying to lose anyway.

Tourism is next growth driver 
Is he high on something? 
Cayetano Paderanga, an economics professor at the University of the Philippines, said that the country’s tourism sector has the potential to drive economic growth. 
With the kidnapping of two Canadians among 4 people in Davao just in September  still unsolved, and the extortion among other rackets in our main airport, the Ninoy Aquino Internatinal Airport still going on, how do you expect tourists to come here?  The only people who will come here are balikbayans, and some of them jsut because they have no choice, just like some OFW’s. 

What is Canada’s contribution?
A Muslim man was being interviewed and he talked about ISIS recruiting young people who feel they are being ignored is no different than gangs recruiting these same people saying “join us and we’ll take care of those people for you.” As for about Trudeau’s plan to still pull Canada out of the bombing missions, he says, “I don’t think the coalition will miss 6 planes, which is Canada’s contribution to the bombing mission. Other countries have far more planes involved.”
However, is this any way to show support for our allies?
Trudeau said he will increase Canadian advisers on the ground. I hope he doesn’t have to deal with some of those advisers being kidnapped by ISIS or other terrorist groups and beheaded.

Paris bombed by terrorists
Trudeau also said that his plan to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees has not changed. However, Saskatchewan wants to suspend the plan and Quebec’s minister of Immigration say the target is is tough to meet. If you hear that the refugee plan seems to be going slow, you know that Trudeau has tightened security check. After all, politically, it is survivable to see refugees die out of Canada but political suicide if Canadians die on Canadian soil from a terrorist attack.

The Power of Stupid People
Comedian George Carlin said ‘never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.’ 
However, more dangerous is “the power of stupid people in small groups shouting ‘we represent the majority’” and getting massive coverage in every media.

What did they talk at APEC?
After Paris terrorism, and climate change,  what did they tackle at APEC in Manila? Is that it? Who was the hottest APEC hottie? No solutions to poverty, terrorism, climate change, etc...Sus Guinoo na ititihaya ko...Paguwapuhan lang pala. Sumali na sana ako.
      Ehe, ano ba itong nasabi ko?

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