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Trudeau is APEC Hottie - What the Fact - December 2015

Trudeau is APEC Hottie

Trudeau whisked away from adoring Manila mob
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to be whisked away from a summit by police bodyguards on Thursday as hundreds of excited journalists and staff swarmed around him in a bid to take photos and say hello.
I know the feeling. I had to flee a mob once too. I just can’t remember if they were adoring or a lynch mob. 

Ehe, sus Guinoo ko.

Right now, the newspapers feature civilian employees making the bed of the military barracks for the refugees.
But in one year or just six months after Syrian refugees are housed in the military barracks, they will be complaining of in-humane living conditions, of having to live in one barrack (ROOM) per family. The photos will show unmade bed, litter all over the floor, etc...the same conditions that exists already with the Canadian poor. The sympathetic write-up will be big news in the Toronto Star. There will be a quote from a refugee something like “don’t get me wrong. We are grateful to the Canadian government but no human should have to live in this kind of conditions.” Every media outlet and their commentators will echo the same sympathetic tone, afraid to be called racist, except the readers who will be furious. The National Post and Toronto Sun will be the exception among the media also. Prime Minister Trudeau will promise to investigate the situation.

It’s not final until Comelec says it’s OK 
Is he secretly hoping that Comelec will refuse his candidacy? Is his substitution candidacy official yet?

Poe is out (for now until presstime for us here in Toronto). But Is Duterte still in? 
Duterte entered the race because he said Poe is not a natural-born Filipino and he does not like the Philippines to be ruled by a foreigner. Now that Poe has been disqualified, is Duterte going to withdraw? Even if he stays, by the way he is going he looks like he is trying to lose anyway.

Tourism is next growth driver 
Is he high on something? 
Cayetano Paderanga, an economics professor at the University of the Philippines, said that the country’s tourism sector has the potential to drive economic growth. 
With the kidnapping of two Canadians among 4 people in Davao just in September  still unsolved, and the extortion among other rackets in our main airport, the Ninoy Aquino Internatinal Airport still going on, how do you expect tourists to come here?  The only people who will come here are balikbayans, and some of them jsut because they have no choice, just like some OFW’s. 

What is Canada’s contribution?
A Muslim man was being interviewed and he talked about ISIS recruiting young people who feel they are being ignored is no different than gangs recruiting these same people saying “join us and we’ll take care of those people for you.” As for about Trudeau’s plan to still pull Canada out of the bombing missions, he says, “I don’t think the coalition will miss 6 planes, which is Canada’s contribution to the bombing mission. Other countries have far more planes involved.”
However, is this any way to show support for our allies?
Trudeau said he will increase Canadian advisers on the ground. I hope he doesn’t have to deal with some of those advisers being kidnapped by ISIS or other terrorist groups and beheaded.

Paris bombed by terrorists
Trudeau also said that his plan to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees has not changed. However, Saskatchewan wants to suspend the plan and Quebec’s minister of Immigration say the target is is tough to meet. If you hear that the refugee plan seems to be going slow, you know that Trudeau has tightened security check. After all, politically, it is survivable to see refugees die out of Canada but political suicide if Canadians die on Canadian soil from a terrorist attack.

The Power of Stupid People
Comedian George Carlin said ‘never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.’ 
However, more dangerous is “the power of stupid people in small groups shouting ‘we represent the majority’” and getting massive coverage in every media.

What did they talk at APEC?
After Paris terrorism, and climate change,  what did they tackle at APEC in Manila? Is that it? Who was the hottest APEC hottie? No solutions to poverty, terrorism, climate change, etc...Sus Guinoo na ititihaya ko...Paguwapuhan lang pala. Sumali na sana ako.
      Ehe, ano ba itong nasabi ko?

Justin Trudeau wins on Looks? - What The Fact - November 2015


Did Justin Trudeau win for the sake of replacing Stephen Harper but not exactly his policies? If somebody else was running, would the Conservatives have won?
And by the way, am I the only one wondering why the Conservatives had a very boring election campaign? They had the most money, and they squandered it on why Trudeau is “just not ready.” 
But were the conservatives ready?
Judging from their campaign, they weren’t either.

The expectations for Trudeau were so low that him not making a major mistake was considered an accomplishment, like the discovery of sliced bread.

I’m not really sure whose story to believe, the OFW who forgets a knapsack full of money or that the investigators found evidence of employee criminal behaviour. These three might be the scapegoat for a laglag-bala scam that the investigators found no evidence. In short, sacrifice these 3 so the public will not say we are covering our own employees. You’re travelling and you forget a bag, which just so happens to contain lots of money. If I have lots of money, it will be in my person, no matter how much it is. I will not put it in my bag.  Two things stay in my person, the money and the passport.  

Mayor Tory pretending to stand up to the taxi lobby by not banning Uber, then asking Uber to suspend operations while it creates regulations for Uber is disingenuous. Who is he kidding? Uber refuses. We all know suspending operations pending regulation is the equivalent of being told to liquidate your business in Toronto. Toronto is not open to new business. Just look at the food truck issue. Council caved in to restaurateurs.

“Strategic voting” involves voting for someone you do not believe in. If you believe that your candidate has no chance of winning anyway, they convince you to vote for the other candidate. Huh? Never worked. It always benefits the party they are trying to bring down, often, it is the conservatives. Strategic voters always involve NDP and the Liberals.     

Canada’s election focus might have been hijacked by the migrant crisis in Europe as opposition and the media used it to change the topic but the voters concern is different. What passes for headline news for the media does not necessarily mean it is a major issue for voters.
Dying Young, RIPD, know they are not going to make money at the box office

Let me get this straight. Trudeau informs the US that Canada will withdraw from the US campaign of the military bombing of ISIS and get the Keystone XL pipeline approved by the US at the same time. We already joined the US in the bombing campaign and we still cannot get the pipeline approved. The only way the pipeline will be approved is to pray that a Republican wins as the next US president. Or, hire York University tunnel-maker Elton McDonald and dig a tunnel across the border without anyone noticing.

To all those caregiver advocates who keep asking for the moon and the stars from the Liberals, you will get them but they will take away the sun. 
Liberals will use the playbook of people in power. Give what you want and take something back. You have no choice but to be vocally thankful because they gave you what you asked but deep inside, quietly, you regret it because what they took was more important than what you got. Politics is a game of compromise. 

So, now we have a new Prime Minister.  The Liberals won a majority, the Conservatives became the official opposition and the NDP went back to third place from second place. And we went back to work the next day as if nothing happened. Thank God we live in a country that is this boring. This is not sarcasm. There are countries around the world where, regardless of who wins, violence follows afterwards.  Let us keep this country boring so that people around the world will want to keep coming, a place where you can vote, go home, eat, and go to bed safe and sound. 

Draft Lovi Poe for President - What the Fact - October 2015


I’ve had enough of this nonsense talk about “will she or won’t she run” about Grace Poe when she finally declared her candidacy. It’s about time. It has dragged on for too long. She’s not even a real Poe. Why settle for fake Poe when we can have the real Poe. Stop the Fake Poe from taking the Presidency. Let’s start a Draft Lovi Poe for President movement.

Is everbody really as compassionate in real life as they are on social media?
Everybody says their hearts go out to the refugees. Everybody says let them in. Everybody is critical of Stephen Harper when he says we have to screen them because they come from war-torn countries. 
But how many would let anybody in their own house if somebody knocks on their door and says let me in. Is that any different than a refugee? On TV, one refugee was caught on camera shouting “I did not leave the comfort of my home to be treated like a dog here.” REALLY? The comfort of your own home? Where the hell is that, Beverly Hills? 
In Uruguay, a Syrian family wants to leave because it is expensive there and the father Al Mohammed said he can’t get by on just 11,000 pesos ($380) a month as a hospital worker, barely above Uruguay’s 10,000-peso minimum wage. That is better than some Canadians or even illegals here in Canada who work under the table with below-minimum wage and knowing they can be found and deported anytime. Some work 2 or 3 jobs. You’re a refugee. You will not be deported anymore. 
Is it any wonder nobody wants to open their doors? Our own fellow Filipinos are now in limbo even after working 2 years here because of the changes in the immigration rules. These refugees don’t even have to work 2 years and they suddenly get immigrant status.
Is it any wonder that the only ones who feel compassionate towards these refugees are the media? They are the only ones trying to make it a major issue. Do you feel that the voting public feel the same way?
By the way, does anybody still remember that this all started with the Arab Spring, when all totalitarian countries in the Middle East will turn to democracy? The United States led the way in trying to overthrow Syrian president bashar Al-Assad. They did that with Iraq. We know what happened. Now look what happens. It seems the only dictatorship the United States approve of is Saudi Arabia. Those Saudis and us Filipinos better pray that Saudi does not run out of oil. It seems the US likes overthrowing non-oil producing dictatorships?
So, how compassionate do you really feel?

Real Life beats Media
Just because an issue is popular with the media does not mean it is of high concern with the regular people, the people who are quietly working their one, two or more regular jobs to feed their family, pay their bills and their taxes.
In act,  opinion polls find widespread support for the status quo when it comes to taking in Syrian asylum-seekers according to the a Globe and Mail column. 

Hungary settled refugees secretly in 2013
But they were all Christians. Hmmm...I wonder why they let them in. And why they did it in secret? 

Election by instagram
It seems the Canadian federal election is being hijacked by Instagram photo of the day from the Syrian crisis, followed by a race as to who can come up with the most heartbreaking twitter comment of the day. And it has become a case of  “if you are the incumbent, you cannot do and say anything right. If you are the opposition, you cannot do and say anything wrong.”

Self-fulfilling movie titles
Dying Young, RIPD, know they are not going to make money at the box office

Whoever is popular among netizens will lose the Philippine presidential election. 
By the looks of it, Mar Roxas will lose.

SHOCKING! Bribery at Customs? - What the Fact - September 2015


I am confused. A representative of the door to door companies is saying that Customs personnel are asking for bribes to release their containers fast. Now I am confused and shocked. Oh My G. 
Totoo ba ito? 
I am shocked that there is bribery at Bureau of Customs (BOC).  He also says that if Customs increase their container fees too much, kakaunti na lang ang mapupunta sa bulsa nila. Malalaki na at malalalim pa naman ang mga bulsa nila. Naku, siguro walang katapusan ang paghuhulog mo ng barya diyan.  

What the facts are ba naman?

President Binay, VP Aquino

Headline reads “Aquino says no as Roxas’ VP.” With good reason. Imagine Roxas and him running for President and VP respectively and Roxas lost and he won as VP. Now comes the nightmare scenario for him - BINAY WINNING AS PRESIDENT. Yikes. Or does he believe that Roxas cannot win as President the reason he turned it down? As the late comedian Dolphy once said, “running for elected office is easy. What if you win?” In this case, if Aquino wins as VP to Binay’s imagine the scenario. 

Christmas starts in September

Filipinos have three seasons; wet, dry and Christmas. Christmas for us Filipinos starts in September. it’s when everyone suddenly feel the rush of optimism in the air. I do not know why but it seems there are two events when business also makes money; Christmas and election. Fortunately or unfortunately, depends on how you analyze it, national elections only happens once every 6 years.  But then again, there are still the barangay and senate, congress elections. Well, I guess all is not lost. 

Customs as Cash Cow for Election

For refusing to raise P3 billion for the campaign kitty of the Liberal Party (LP), John Sevilla was pressured to resign as Bureau of Customs chief by the ruling party, the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) said last April. UNA interim president and Navotas City Rep. Tobias Tiangco said the LP pressured Sevilla to resign after the latter refused to make the BOC a milking cow of the ruling party. Now that door to door boxes are now being subjected to scrutiny, it is becoming clear that there might be some truth to the accusation.  Now, I read the news that Aquino told the BOC to stop opening boxes but only open those that looks suspicious in x-ray. Hmmm...Customs opening you box does not inspire confidence. 

Sabotaging Roxas?

Is Aquino trying to sabotage Roxas campaign for president? I mean, the timing is not good to pull this kind of  enforcement. And since  Customs is not known for it’s honesty,  can you blame OFW’s for crying foul? Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz is trying to have it both ways like Aquino. She says she is against opening of OFW boxes but that she supports Customs in doing their job. Or is Aquino already giving Roxas an excuse for an election that he feels Roxas will lose? 

Headline - 4 detained rapists of vice governor’s kin shot dead

Hmmm...this is a very complicated case. I strongly believe this is a case of suicide. What else could it be? They felt remorseful, they asked for a gun from the policemen guarding them and they shot themselves. Case closed. 

Ashley Madison website hacked - What The fact - August 2015

Hackers break in., the website with the slogan “Life is short. Have an affair,” has been hacked.  The website, which specializes in giving married people in 48 countries an outlet to cheat has been hacked by the Impact Team, a hacker group. The IT claims to have private information including names, nude photos and credit card data. Imagine if your spouse found out that you are having an affair with the partner of your brother, sister...etc...Que horror. It just goes to show you that free sex is not free. Wait a minute. If this becomes a teleserye, I demand a royalty from Rosary Escano of TFC.  
But first, is there a Filipino in the list? 

Madam Raided

Remember Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood madam that got raided along with her black book and the names of rich, powerful and famous people? Well, Charlie Sheen was one of those people on the list. But instead of waiting to be outed, he came out, admitted it willingly and went on the star in the hit series “Two and a Half men,” where he played a womanizing, hard-drinking brother to Jon Cryer. Eventually, he was also fired from that show after 8 seasons for personal reasons.  Well, at least he was single when the madam was raided. The only ones who suffered were the escorts who lost their living.   

Double Standard on Poe

Why are they asking Poe to run as VP first when nobody asked Aquino to run as VP to Roxas before? Both of them were senators with no accomplishments. Yet, Aquino ran for presidency on the strength of his family name. And that is what Poe is banking on also. Besides, asking Poe to step aside is like asking Bruno Mars to stay out of the spotlight so people will buy my music. You can spray perfume on rotten egg but you cannot make people buy it. 

Free For All

They assume that if Poe runs with Roxas, both of them will win. But the vote for president and vice president in the Philippines is separate, just like in the US.  It is still possible to have  a scenario where Binay wins as President and Poe wins as VP.  Now, I read that Vilma Santos will run as VP to Roxas. What they are probably hoping is that the popularity of the Poe or Vilma wil rub some off on Roxas enough that people will vote for him as president.

Why Carne Norte

I have been living in Canada since 1986. Recently, my friend’s wife posted photos of corned beef that she cooked. I praised it and joked if she will send me some through her husband (my friend and co-worker). She told me she will give me the corned beef she cooked if I can answer why it is called carne norte. I got no answers on the internet either but also some asking. I asked my nephew why who is visiting in Canada. He said there is an Argentinian brand of corned beef in the Philippines called Carne Norte. From that, I can only guess that we Filipinos started using it as a generic term just as all hot tubs are now referred to as Jacuzzis, even if the brand of the hot tub is Grand Rapids or Aura. 
   This is just my guess po. If you have other answers, feel free to share them.

Aquino’s Promise

“Magpapasagasa ako sa train if MRT and LRT do not improve” is what President Aquino said. I am not sure if it is a promise or not. Sus Guinoo naman. As if it wil happen naman iyan. We all know that no politician keeps their promise in the Philippines, if it is indeed a promise. 

PIDC & Kalayaan together again? - What the Fact - July 2014


These 2 organizations used to hold a gala together. Then, they split up. Now, I see all the PIDC officers at the Fiesta ng Kalayaan festival in Missisauga. Are they together again? According to Verth Bugtong of PIDC, they are just “helping.”  Why? They were fine before naman. Kalayaan’s Fiesta always had a Kapamilya artista. It is PIDC that did not have an artista for the last 3 years. PIDC used to have a Kapamilya artista. For what reason they did not have one for the last 3 years,  I do not know why. Since all parties involved cannot be interviewed and evenif they did, will not want to be quoted, I cannot repeat what they tell me. Is somebody scratching somebody’s back here? Hmmm...

Where  is Dr. Solon Guzman?

Something is going on. When Dr. Solon is at Pinoy Fiesta instead of Fiesta ng Kalayaan in Mississauga (BOTH FESTIVALS HELD ON THE SAME DAY, there is something in the air. I was already wondering why his name is not one of the sponsors in the poster of Fiesta.  Would he be at Mississauga’s Fiesta? I went there and he did not have a booth and he was nowhere to be found.  Then, I see on facebook that he attended the Pinoy Fiesta at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Why is he there at Pinoy Fiesta instead of his usual Mississauga festival? And at that Fiesta, just like the Kalayaan picnic last year, I did not see anymore familiar faces. anymore.  Hmmm... 

Is  Dr. Solon the next senator?

He deserves it. He is the energizer bunny in any gatherings, greeting everyone, chatting, walking around, unable toi stay put in one spot. He is a natural people-person just like our current Filipino Conservative senator Tobias “Jun” Enverga.  I am sure that Dr. Guzman willnot add to the Conservative’s scandal-prone senators being investigated nowadays. 

Do the athletes competing in swimming need to rush afterwards to a different venue because they are also competing in archery or cycling in a different venue? Are the ones competing in volleyball going to rush to a different venue because some of them are competing in diving or track and field? I don’t think so.
HOV is causing a lot of traffic now and making commuters angry. Do the Pan Am athletes and other officials really need the High occupancy Vehicle lanes? I am pretty sure they would get to their destinations in time without HOV. Besides, the tickets are only half sold anyway.